Swing ball, Hellboy 2

The ball was, as predicted, fine. I was still more shy than I normally am, and I wasn’t brave enough to ask any men to dance, but the dancing I had with Lee was fun and my dress looked good and my seams were straight and my shoes adorable. Lee danced more than I did due to the slight lack of leads, and he seemed to have fun.

It did emphasise to both me and Lee how little swing steps we know though, and it does get boring after a few songs just doing the same thing over and over. Need to go to more classes!

On the walk to the ball we went across the wharves and saw a shooting star! It was neat. On the way home we saw drunk teenage girls. No penguins at all. It was a very beautiful night actually, still as anything, just very cold.

Have some neat photos.
This morning I wrote most of the ‘girl and guy finally kiss’ scene from the end of WtWTCH? which I got so wrapped up in I was still in my pjs when Chelle and Jase came over. After a hasty shower on my part, we all went out for Yum Char, which was yum and then to see Hellboy 2 which I liked.

The guy from Bros was awesome as the evil elf, and the girl playing his sister was great too. I kept thinking about Neil Gaiman all the way through, and actually parts of it were like Mirrormask. It was a similar sort of film to the first one, good action, scary monsters, jokes, romance. It wasn’t the Greatest Film You Will Ever See but it was entertaining.

I also really liked the soundtrack and now have ‘can’t smile without you’ stuck in my head.

PoF: Sunday
CO: sleeping


6 thoughts on “Swing ball, Hellboy 2

  1. Congrats on getting your kissing scene down! And dancing. Yay! 😀 😀 😀 AND shooting star.
    I want to see Hellboy 2. I never saw Hellboy the first but I figure it probably doesn’t matter too much.

  2. Jackie: Thanks! 🙂 I am also teh happy about the state of the writing affairs. Which sounds dodge but whatever.
    Hellboy 1 is good, you should watch it before you see the sequel. I have it on DVD if you wants to borrows.
    Sproke: Aw, thanks 🙂

  3. Yeah Hellboy 2 had me thinking of Mirrormask and Sandman, but also of Princess Mononoke (for which Gaiman wrote the English dialogue).
    What it didn’t make me think of was Hellboy: the comic! I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, but it was much more “from the director of Pan’s Labyrinth” than a faithful transposition of the look & feel of Mike Mignola’s work.
    The trailer for Watchmen played right before the movie, and that looked EXACTLY like the comic it’s based on. I hope when Del Toro is finished mucking around in Middle Earth he comes back and makes a more faithful Hellboy 3… Blade 2 actually had more Mignola-esque visuals.

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