• Thinking about what my accomplishments might be. I was asked this yesterday and found it very hard to answer. I ended up saying that my accomplishments were: finishing writing a novel, maintaining a large and varied circle of friends (so managing relationships), organising a wedding. I�m sure I have more �accomplishments� but it�s just not a word I really use a lot to describe things I do. Maybe I should have said I was good at painting, playing piano and reciting poetry? Those are the Austen lady accomplishments aren�t they?
  • Rediscovering Nick Cave. I used to listen to him all the time but then I phased him off my MP3 player. Earlier this week I saw a post on an lj community and the poster had said she was listening to the Mercy Seat, so on Wednesday afternoon I had a Nick Cave fest and listened to all my favourites. Favourite lyrics �Anyway I�m not afraid to die�
  • low impact parenting photos.
  • Swing (I know it comes up pretty much every week, that�s because Thursday comes right after Wednesday and I learn dance on Wednesday nights. It�s too fun, I really want a bunch more of my friends to learn it so that we can have dance offs! This week we learned how to get into tandem charlestons, which is when the lead is behind the follow and you both do the same steps. We also learned two turns while in that move and how to get out of it again. Lee hasn�t quite got it yet, but with practice I�m confident it will be all good.
    Also, things that would have never happened previously: �someone has compared you to a friend on facebook and thinks you are a better dancer�. Oh yeah.

  • Good books. I’m reading Peeps by Scott Westerfield, which is a much much much better teen vampire book than Twilight, plus I’m learning about parasites by reading it. Which is kind of gross, but I’m kinda loving it. I know, I’m such a geek.
  • Photos, ordering photos online at snapfish and editing the ones from the Windy Lindy to be sepia and oval framed and….aw, they’re going to look so neat!

Honourable mentions: Watching all the video we recorded on 48 hour weekend, looking for bloopers, reading the blogs of: my friends, Gala Darling, Meg Cabot, Neil Gaiman in absentee, other total strangers. Listening to music featured on Rock Band, remembering the old days (comedy night at Indigo), day dreaming…

I’m dreamin in the morning
I’m dreamin’ all through the day
and when I dream I know that it’s ok
Im dreamin’ in the evening
I’m dreamin’ all through the night
and when I dream I know that it’s alright

~ Weezer


4 thoughts on “TiLT

  1. See, that’s why you’re so awesome Jenni. Because you’ve not only accomplished some amazing things already with your life but you can also mention Swing dancing and The Mercy Seat on the same blog post!

  2. ooh you make me tempted to pick up swing! I loves to learn the dancing I does.
    Re accomplishments – it seems to me like you might be viewing accomplishments to some degree as things that have been completed (aside from the maintaining relationships thing) but I’m sure that’s not all there is to being “accomplished” (I would explore this further if it wasn’t already getting towards the time I need to leave for work!;p). Plus it’s all relative innit?

  3. I was just thinking about my accomplishments two days ago 🙂 Tia and I were thinking about what we would have done by the end of the year.
    Ooh what about being cast in a web series? That’s a cool accomplishment.
    Seriously. Is this arm darker than the other one?

  4. Scott: Now I’m wondering if it is possible to swing dance to the Mercy Seat….maybe? Will try it out.
    Sass: yeah, I do kind of define it as something I have accomplished. But then, it’s a weird word and not one I ever really use so I don’t know. And yeah, of course it’s relative, which is why it’s a confusing question to have come up in a job interview 🙂
    Sok: Being cast in a web series is kind of awesome, and yes, I think that arm is darker.

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