Unreasonably busy weekend.

All week I just wanted to spend the two weekend days asleep in bed, or lying in bed doing very little. Fate was not to allow this to happen.

Saturday morning we skyped with Giffy and Erik and Tia! It was awesome, but we had to cut the conversation short because we then had to go to Svend and Star’s house to see Michaela, which was awesome also. I borrowed DVDs.

Lee and I took Michaela into town for her lunch date and took ourselves to Molly Malone’s for pub food lunch. I had a very satisfying chicken pie. Then I made scones and Nick came over and we all headed up to Norm’s for Winding City stuff. Caught up with Sok and Steph and Amphigori and other Winding City people and met some cool new people who were trying out for parts too.

Norm and Lee and Nick and I went to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn with Svend and Star and then Nick went into town and the rest of us saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day which is very very good. It was funny but with genuine drama and depth as well. Frances McDormand and Amy Adams are very good and the rest of the characters were all played by familiar faces (Septimus, the pie maker from Pushing Daisies, Moaning Myrtle….). Lee enjoyed it too, which was a nice surprise, and means it was well paced. Great music, gorgeous 1939 clothes (want Amy’s blue outfit and the gold dress, thanks.).

Today dawned bright and sunny and we went to brunch at Roxy with Lee’s parents and it was tasty good and then Lee and I went to the zoo because we had free tickets to use. Highlights: red pandas, lions, cotton top tamarins coming right near the fence, warning signs and seeing the baby chimp. Glorious sunshine was also much appreciated.

Grocery shopping on the way home, followed by some housework and then lots of typing of WtWtc? (word count now at 60,091 typed up) and I feel I have had a very productive and social weekend. Hopefully can get some Rock Band in tonight.

PoF: comfy
CO: what now?


One thought on “Unreasonably busy weekend.

  1. I’m so giving myself next weekend entirely to myself… this weekend was madness!
    Jas will be away so I can watch Gilmore Girls, laze about lazily, catch up on all the piles of washing…
    I do feel like I caught up with people this weekend though 🙂 That was nice.

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