swing class

I didn’t want to go because I went all emo and PMS-y after work, but we did go and we learned another way of getting into the tandem charleston called ‘the seatbelt’ and we learned a ‘side walk charleston’ and another jump! We did Russian jump from in tandem charleston, which you can probably imagine, involves the follow jumping up and sticking her legs out in a side split, or as close to as you can. The lead kicks on leg to the front, in between hers. Looks awesome and is really good fun.

Swing = fun and love


One thought on “swing class

  1. We have so much to learn! You guys are doing such neat, neat, stuff.
    I often found that even when Beau or I were grumpy and not feeling like doing anything, after dancing we were both buzzing and happy. That physicality is a good thing 🙂

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