Writing Wednesday Wupdate

Wup wup wup.

More research for my novel involved finding out what the collective noun for vampires is. I had sort of thought it could be coven or flock, but according to All seeing, all knowing wikipedia it’s a ‘kiss’.
Seriously, have the Twilight fans made it onto Wikipedia? A Kiss of vampires? No. Just no. I ended up saying “a group of vampires” I was so put off.

Quote from Steven King:
“It starts with this: put your desk in the corner, and every time you sit down there to write, remind yourself why it isn’t in the middle of the room. Life isn’t a support-system for art. It’s the other way around.”

My typing of WtWTCH? is going well, although I am cringing through the
quality of the writing in the big fight sequence that I am currently working on. I was pretty worried about doing it well so I went pretty fast through it. The typing up of this stuff has been very much re-drafting as I go. Which is no bad thing, at least I’m aware that it’s not very good and I feel like I can fix it.

I keep hearing Steve’s voice in my head, seeing his face as he tells me to make it harder for my characters. All through our roleplaying history and also when we have talked about writing and plot, etc he has always advocated making the hard decisions, creating conflict for my characters, seeing where it takes them. It’s fantastic advice, and although I’m not sure Steve will be glad to hear that he’s in my head I hope he will be a bit flattered.

Tuesday was a horrible morning, waking up after a very full on and stressfully understaffed Monday and heading in to work. One thing made me smile though, the feedback Morgue gave me about the short story I wrote a couple of weeks back based on a nightmare I had. It was perfect feedback, full of ideas of what to change and how to look at it another way and what bits weren’t needed. It was also glowingly positive, which is very nice to hear. Morgue is another writer friend that I envy, because I have read a little of Ron the Body and it was so good that it motivated me to write better myself.

I also consider him something of an expert on the horror/zombie genre so it’s flattering when he said he was envious of my piece of writing.

It’s nice to feel motivated about this whole writing thing. I live in hope that it will pay off in the future.
Ew, it’s raining like crazy all of a sudden.

PoF: warm and dry
CO: writer


5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday Wupdate

  1. Writing updates are really fascinating, I likes them a lot 🙂
    How about a smooch of vampires? A warm-fuzzy of vampires? A snuggle of vampires? A *sparkle* of vampires!
    Bah kiss…

  2. A wing of vampires?
    Actually I am flattered. Personally, I hear Sean and Ainsley’s voices in my head all the time when I write – I think it’s a very common technique.

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