• Long, unbroken sleep that lasts all night.
  • Cuddling in a warm blanket
  • Eskimo lollies, especially the pink ones.
  • Freedom to do what I want to (when I can get it)
  • Reading wonderful books
  • Dreaming about perfect futures
  • Thinking about my birthday trip and party

Honourable mentions: socks, chocolate (milky bars), the smell of milo, Barbie pink nail polish, dancing with Lee.

PoF: closest clothes I have to PJ level comfort
CO: taking care of myself


4 thoughts on “TiLT

  1. I am so excited about your party right now! 🙂
    Days off
    Silly episodes of the Simpsons – help me jebus!
    Spending a night at home with the boy
    Looking forward to a massage tomorrow

  2. Oh Birthday funness! Sounds like a definite thing to enjoy.
    My Tilt:
    Sleeping in
    Knowing I don’t have to pack and move for another 5 days
    Lunch date planned leading to me getting 2 parcels, one of which I bought myself so I know it is great (thunderpants!)
    Having dinner made for me
    Time Traveller’s Wife (I’m over half way through and *love* it)

  3. Hee, I’m pleased that my party is exciting to other people 🙂
    Should have mentioned that my birthday trip is to a little holiday house up in Raumati and I am looking forward to sitting and looking at the sea and doing nothing much at all.
    Writing and reading and having cups of hot chocolate.

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