Life Decisions all over again

If you were given the choice: you can have a giant step towards your dream if you give up something you love…..what would you choose?

You’d give up that something that you love wouldn’t you? If you were really truly wanting to achieve that dream? If you weren’t a coward…you’d take the risk that it might pay off.

I’m going to say it again: being a grown up sucks.


9 thoughts on “Life Decisions all over again

  1. I’m gonna take a stab in the dark that Lee’s been offered a promotion/new job that’s somewhere that’s not Wellington. Somewhere cheaper maybe where you could afford not to work.
    That’s my guess.
    Yes, sweetheart, take the opportunity, no matter what it is. It’ll be a hard road, but so worth it. Do it! Excitement!!

  2. Erm- I’m wondering if this might have to do with selling your apartment but I don’t know…In general I’d agree making choices as an adult is hard. You choose, you loose and no one ever really gets to have it all. The best you can do is try to be objective about the costs and benefits and clear with yourself and each other about the relative weight you put on each factor. Then make the decision and move on. Sorry- I guess that wasn’t in the slightest bit helpful! Good luck with whatever it is you have to decide on.

  3. In a book on peak performance I read, it said that it’s important to distinguish between a mission and a goal.
    A mission is something you have to do in order to be true to yourself.
    A goal is something you decide to do.
    … Also, I have trouble parsing your dilemma. You gain a step towards something you love but have to give up something you love. That’s tough, but from one point of view it sounds you win either way.
    Anyway, life (like writing) is a process of making choices. If you want, you go Ghost Dog on it and make your decision before you finish taking seven breaths. Go on. Start now!
    One …
    Two …

  4. Giant step towards dream versus keeping something you love…
    1. Do you have to give up the thing you love for ever?
    2. If you don’t take the opportunity, will it irrevocably impair your chances of obtaining your dream?
    If the answer to 2 is yes, then I say do it, regardless of the answer to 1.
    If the answer to both is no, then I say do it.
    If the answer to 2 is no and the answer to 1 is yes, then I say, probably don’t do it, but maybe think about it.
    That’s my advice. Helpful?

  5. *big hugs*
    You have to do what makes you happy. So in the end which choice will make you happier? Long term happy. Sounds like you already know.
    Yep. Grown-ups right? How did we get here??

  6. Wow, sounds like it is a difficult choice but you’re a smart cookie and I’m sure you will work be able to make the best decision for you is.
    Obviously I don’t know the details of what exactly you’re risking (or what exact dream either) but I would say that you shouldn’t let fear, especially not fear of change, make the decision for you. The hardest choices in life often mean having to let go of a safety blanket or get out of our comfort zone before we feel ready but those are often the steps that lead to something really great and life-changing (in a positive way) even if it is difficult at first.

  7. Hrm. Give up the thing you love forever? Or temporarily? And which thing d’you love more?
    I’m thinking the step-toward-dream makes the most *sense*, because the sooner you can do a thing that puts you further forward on an important path, the sooner you can reach your destination and work on that new level. There’s just no way to get back time later, if that makes sense?
    The other thing is, I think, that there aren’t a *lot* of life decisions that are permanent. Other than things like having a kid or dying or amputation :). If it’s a specific thing you’re giving up, you may be able to get it, or something like it, back later.

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