Things I wants

(Shinga did another Twilight comic. it’s awesome.)

My birthday wish list….
A Wicket the Ewok USB flash drive.
Moleskine notebooks, mini lined cahiers or proper leather bound A5 notebook. Or any other gorgeous lined notebook.
Lolita’s sunglasses, a necklace of my name and batty earrings.
A book written by a fictional princess, a selection of the orange Penguin classics and vouchers for Borders so that I can plug some holes in my graphic novel collection.
Gloves with skulls on, gorgeous steampunky arm warmers, pink and black fingerless gloves, sexy and sparkly long gloves and stripey leg warmers.
Lindt milk chocolate anything, an ice cream cake and a heap of cupcakes in various colours.
A sock monkey and some plushie microbes.
I would also like the willpower to part with some of the material possessions that I have so many of, the courage to live as fabulously as I wish to and the love and openness to keep all my darling, delightful friends friendly. Also a patch of sunshine to loll about it and my own luck dragon.
PoF: whatever
CO: junk food


5 thoughts on “Things I wants

  1. Not any more!
    Lessee, that’s five dreams from the C-scale price range, at $25 each, and the rest can be got under our special Bulk Buy for Suffragette Day for $65, which means you owe Dreams International a total of $190. Plus GST.

  2. Okay, were you going for a deliberate laugh, putting the bit about wishing to part with stuff-of-which-you-have-too-much after a buy-me-things-for-my-birthday list? 😛
    Those plushie microbes are pretty awesome, though. If I did the stuffed toy thing, I might be tempted :).

  3. Rachel: mostly it’s what happens when you write a blog entry over several hours and have many different things to worry about over that time.
    Also, mostly that last paragraph is hard-to-obtain ideals, so not really that likely to be fulfilled.

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