Quick and easy!

This Thursday I love: burger fuel burgers, french fries, chocolate bars, finishing a nasty hard song on Hard drums on Rock Band without falling out, singing, dancing, pretty clothes, gorgeous photos, basking in the sunshine, reading good books, sleeping, friends, blankies, my Lee.

Oh and also, I like this article about Joss Whedon and feminism, which is here, linked via Cleolinda.


One thought on “TiLT

  1. Yeah, that’s a nice article. Like it. Funny as fuck to see Allecto’s post linked right up the top there, too; I remember when that was featured on Fandom Wank. Good times.
    Okay, in all fairness, she (Allecto) made some good points in there somewhere. But the radical feminist filter (eg all heterosexual sex = rape because of societal power imbalance) rather robbed them of impact.

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