swing class

Tonight we re-learned the jig and did some stuff while jigging…follow turns mostly. Then we learned the Mooch which is a bit like Russian dancing except much more sedate. There was some good pointers on leading and following too, and I feel more confident about how to follow better.

Then we learned crazy legs. And everyone in the class got the giggles and I discovered that when I do crazy legs in a swing out my free hand shoots up into the air of its own accord and waves about or points and I can’t stop it!


Oh and there’s no Wednesday Writing Wupdate today because I’m revising/redrafting at the moment and there’s nothing to report really. Except that I’m quite close to submitting a short story to an American magazine…fingers crossed for me.

CO: Supernatural


Vampire’s dead, job is done.

Random stuff:

I am upset by this report of how they are changing the plot of Y: The Last Man for the movie. Makes me sad. There is so much awesome in the books, I just don’t really get them feeling like they needed to add more tension….there was plenty of it in there.

I am way behind the times but I am slowly embracing the idea of ‘podcasts’. It does bug me that they have to be called podcasts, given that the MP3 format is playable on all sorts of non-pod items but whatever. I started with Gala Darling’s being happy podcast. I am currently listening to a very geeky podcast called Made of Fail which features Cleolinda and has a lot of talk about vampire mythos as well as Twilight.

I am also impressed that Radio New Zealand is making their Darwin Lectures series available online. I have downloaded them, but not yet listened to them. Should be good when I do though! They also have a fantastic collection of writer’s talks which is awesome for someone like me who didn’t make it to the festival and can’t listen to radio during the day.

Lee and I have been enjoying Supernatural season one, I like how it’s not too scary to watch, but it is creepy. I like how the stories are familiar, often based on urban legends, but there are new slants on the details. I like that Dean from Gilmore Girls is in it, because he’s pretty, and Lee is catered for also because there is generally a hot girl who is somehow affected by the Monster of the Week.

I am reading Airhead by Meg Cabot, which is a sort of weird story about…well, I’m actually not too sure what’s going on just yet, so I’ll get back to you on that. I recently finished rereading Squire, the third Kel book, which I enjoyed but also have reservations about.

I want to write more short stories, but I have no ideas for starting places. I managed to write a good one based on a dream but I have no inspiration for the next one. *le sigh*

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