swing class

Tonight we re-learned the jig and did some stuff while jigging…follow turns mostly. Then we learned the Mooch which is a bit like Russian dancing except much more sedate. There was some good pointers on leading and following too, and I feel more confident about how to follow better.

Then we learned crazy legs. And everyone in the class got the giggles and I discovered that when I do crazy legs in a swing out my free hand shoots up into the air of its own accord and waves about or points and I can’t stop it!


Oh and there’s no Wednesday Writing Wupdate today because I’m revising/redrafting at the moment and there’s nothing to report really. Except that I’m quite close to submitting a short story to an American magazine…fingers crossed for me.

CO: Supernatural


2 thoughts on “swing class

  1. *has the most hilarious mental picture of uncontrollable hand waving Jenni*
    *crosses her fingers and all other available agile body parts*

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