Vampire’s dead, job is done.

Random stuff:

I am upset by this report of how they are changing the plot of Y: The Last Man for the movie. Makes me sad. There is so much awesome in the books, I just don’t really get them feeling like they needed to add more tension….there was plenty of it in there.

I am way behind the times but I am slowly embracing the idea of ‘podcasts’. It does bug me that they have to be called podcasts, given that the MP3 format is playable on all sorts of non-pod items but whatever. I started with Gala Darling’s being happy podcast. I am currently listening to a very geeky podcast called Made of Fail which features Cleolinda and has a lot of talk about vampire mythos as well as Twilight.

I am also impressed that Radio New Zealand is making their Darwin Lectures series available online. I have downloaded them, but not yet listened to them. Should be good when I do though! They also have a fantastic collection of writer’s talks which is awesome for someone like me who didn’t make it to the festival and can’t listen to radio during the day.

Lee and I have been enjoying Supernatural season one, I like how it’s not too scary to watch, but it is creepy. I like how the stories are familiar, often based on urban legends, but there are new slants on the details. I like that Dean from Gilmore Girls is in it, because he’s pretty, and Lee is catered for also because there is generally a hot girl who is somehow affected by the Monster of the Week.

I am reading Airhead by Meg Cabot, which is a sort of weird story about…well, I’m actually not too sure what’s going on just yet, so I’ll get back to you on that. I recently finished rereading Squire, the third Kel book, which I enjoyed but also have reservations about.

I want to write more short stories, but I have no ideas for starting places. I managed to write a good one based on a dream but I have no inspiration for the next one. *le sigh*

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7 thoughts on “Vampire’s dead, job is done.

  1. Interesting about those lectures… although I’m not very impressed with the introduction, which claims “science can tell us nothing about religion and religion can tell us nothing about science.” That’s just a cop-out.

  2. Yeah, people keep telling me to get into podcasts. I don’t know how to download them or anything like that. Now that you know about them, I might get you to give me a crash course.

  3. huh, that introduction, as quoted, is wonderfully black and white. most of my RE lessons in form 2 centred around exactly how and why science and religion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. the assumption always seems to be that “science” = “proving that god does not exist” and “religion” = “creative design”.

  4. I really like Supernatural. Just started season 4 which so far is interesting. I prefer Dean to Sam. Think it’s cos I had a crush on Dean when he was in Dark Angel & watched supernatural before I saw gilmour girls so don’t have the other Sam as Dean love. Saying that I prefer Sam as Dean in gilmour girls than Peter Petrelli as Jesse.
    Yeah I haven’t got into podcasts. Maybe one day…

  5. Ah, SPN! I found it earlier in the year, and watched three seasons over about a month… fun stuff. S4 began in a promising way. It’ll be interesting to see what you think about it as you go through it.

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