Things I Love Thursday

Motorised Toilet racing. I did this today at the company Gladiator Good Times and I kicked ass! I handled the hell out of my motorised toilet and even lapped the ninja I was racing against. heh. That sentence may have been the best one I have ever written.
Hilarious drunken photos, well, this is pretty self explanatory. I will put some up on facebook tomorrow.
New Hoodie I got a bright blue Wonder Woman hoodie on sale at Glassons. It’s snuggly and nice and people have complimented me on it.
Direction. So, today I got a rejection letter from Longacre, which is suck, but it had a reason for why I hadn’t been accepted and some pointers for getting better. Which is freaking amazing for a Publisher rejection letter. Based on this, and my own guilty niggles I have decided to re-write Kiki and make it more awesome. I just feel like I have learned a lot in the last year and I could probably do a better job if I really tried.
Time to myself. I’ve been quite productive on Wednesdays these last couple of weeks by letting myself do exactly the thing I want to do. Letting myself have a nap at 1pm if that’s what I feel like doing, waking up feeling better and then getting stuff done. I am really looking forward to my birthday trip up the coast because although Lee will also be there, I will be able to do exactly what I want.

Honourable mentions: Monteiths radler, competitive but silly sports, fried food, good books to read, fun times writing, positive feedback, constructive criticism, cuddles, my deep and warm carpets, going to sleep.

PoF: Wonder Woman hoodie
CO: unclenching my jaw would be nice


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. You are great. Though I don’t get to see much of you, I admire you from afar. I admire your fashion sense (wonder woman hoodie for the win). I admire that you can focus on your writing – getting something completed is in and of itself a major success, so many people start and then can’t finish.
    I count myself lucky that I know a number of people, like you, who inspire me to try and be a better person, to focus more on doing the things that I want to do.
    /random rant

  2. Awww, glow!
    Giffy: Well, what I put on here was mostly positive. In real life there was some anger and some sadness and some resentment, but it was quickly rationalised away πŸ™‚
    Sass: I like the idea of evolving myself. It just sounds neat. Can I get a tail do you think?
    Jon: Thanks so much for your lovely words. I’m flattered πŸ™‚

  3. Yay for rewrites! I bet you’ll make it totally sparkle the second time around :). It’s amazing how much you *see* (now, okay, admittedly I’m comparing this with pictures rather than writing :D) after a bit of distance, and it’s like suddenly you just KNOW how to make it better.
    Also, kick-ass to get concrit back from the publishers. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Nothing in this world is better than thoughtful crit. Well. With the possible exception of “OMG PERFECT LOVE IT” ;). But how often is that true?

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