I am pretty close to submitting my short story to a publisher. I found this handy guide for Standard Manuscript Format. There’s also this one which varies a little and is slightly more specific.

As I said, getting constructive criticism from Longacre was awesome, because now I want to re-draft Kiki but at the same time I’m a little sad not to be writing anything new. It’s an addiction this writing thing, and I feel like right now I’m in an editing-only space. I have a few ideas for novels I could be writing, and I’m sure I could get myself interested in them but I know I should keep my eye on the prize, polish the manuscripts I have and try and get them published before I allow myself to go on a tangent.

I will maybe work on re-writing I know, right? (and renaming it) and a couple of other roleplaying projects to keep my mind occupied. Editing and redrafting are fun and all but they’re not the same as writing new.

In other news I finished reading Meg Cabot’s Airhead, which was incredibly good fiction. It’s a slight departure for her, veering a little more towards the science fiction and a little away from her standard romance stuff. It still has all the Meg-ish character stuff you love but some very interesting messages about gender politics and appearances vs. reality. I need to lend it to someone so that I can talk to them about it. Chelle? Sok? Bueller?

PoF: Wonder Woman Hoodie. I can’t seem to take it off.
CO: writing stuff and going to sleep. I love sleep so much.


5 thoughts on “submissions

  1. Moi! I shall bagsy it. Hey I am going to go find stephen king for you right now. See you soon. I’l txt you when we are close to your place and try to find somewhere to pull up nearby 🙂

  2. Just wanted to offer some additional encouragement about your writing.:) I haven’t, obviously, read it; but it’s great to read about how enthused you are, and that you’re getting stuff out of it.
    Good luck with the polishing/publishing. I too have heard that this is not easy.

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