Ok it’s done

My short story has been submitted to an American magazine for strange stuff. They say to allow 6-8 weeks, so wish me luck!

Sunday was blissfully perfect. Gorgeous sunshine, visitors, visiting others to watch an awesome movie, take out for dinner, delicious snacks, Rock Band to end the evening. Best Sunday ever. If only I could do that all week as well.

I am reading The Langoliers from Stephen King’s novella collection Four After Midnight it’s very good. I am desperate to know what’s going on though, and I’ve got heaps to go. I just looked it up and I see that it was made into a TV movie starring the guy who played Tritter in House. I wonder if it’s possible to track down….

All the panic I had a couple of weeks ago about life changes and achieving dreams is over by the way and nothing much is changing around here. We had a vague offer to sell our current apartment but the purchaser decided to go for a different one instead. C’est La Vie. Possibilities of reducing my work hours vaporised. That’ll teach me to have massive emotional reactions for nothing.

And thanks to the people who assumed I was pregnant. I quite enjoyed people guessing at what my drama could be about, somehow. Prizes to Make Tea Not War and Amphigori for being the closest. Your prizes are…in the mail.

I have tasty icecream in the fridge. I have plans for tasty foods for my birthday party. I have an obsession with foods. My workmates have dubbed me Queen of Junk Food. Ahhhh.

PoF: lots of grey
CO: freaked about submitting my story.


8 thoughts on “Ok it’s done

  1. Did we find out in the end what the bombshell was?
    Good luck with the submission, I hope it goes well. Both for you, and also because if you become a wildly successful writer, I can drop your name in conversation, and say “Jenni Dowsett? Oh yeah, I know her, we even did a couple of short films together…” πŸ˜€
    I watched The Langoliers when it came out (it was a two-part mini-series rather than a TV movie).
    I remember both enjoying and being quite freaked out by it.
    But it always stuck with me, to the extent that I watched it once, 13 years ago, when I was 12, and I reckon I remember it almost completely, and it bubbles up out of my subconscious quite regularly, so regardless of whether it’s actually good or not, it certainly had an impact. I’d say it was more formative for my pre-teen years than almost anything else I watched at that age.
    So I say, track it down! I’d certainly watch it with you guys for movie night sometime when I’m down. πŸ™‚

  2. I was in the “Lee has a job offer that means muchos moneys but moving away from Wellington” camp. Made me a bit sad that you might not be in Wellington when I was.
    Yay for submissions and birthday plans!

  3. Fraser: Uh, it’s up above “We had a vague offer to sell our current apartment”
    Basically, I could have reduced my work hours and focussed on writing but at the cost of moving out of the apartment I love.
    Giffy: Yays!

  4. Ohhh, I didn’t realise that was the big thing, from this post, I thought you were talking about an offer in the last couple of days or summink.

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