why so cold?

I hate this cold weather. Bring back the sunshiney Sunday weather thanks.

Lee pointed me at this article on Cracked.com about brainwashing and I was surprised how very true it is. Usually cracked’s lists are good silly fun, and the author has tried to inject fun into this list but mostly it’s just kind of terrifying. Because it’s true I mean.

Too cute! There’s a sparrow on my balcony eating the leftover crumbs from our sun soaked picnic lunch out there on Sunday. I wonder if there’s any way to set out a bird feeder that would only attract cute sparrows and not gigantic flocks of pigeons. Probably not.

I made some surreal Christmas cards from old ones I had hoarded. I am sooo looking forward to weirding everyone out this holiday season.

Throat is dry and scratchy and glands are up. I don’t much want to get sick again thanks. I kind already did that back in July/August.

PoF: how many licks?
CO: garlic bread


One thought on “why so cold?

  1. The cards sound great! I still havent started writing one the hoard of cards I have for you. Ive been thinking about it though… that counts, right?

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