Things I Love Thursday

This Thursday I love breathing without coughing the very most. I wish I was doing more of it! But it’s ok, because there’s other things I am grateful for as well.

  • Being cared for by Lee. He brought me OJ, he made sure I was comfortable, he heated up the wheat bag. Awww, it’s just nice to be taken care of when you feel like crap.
  • Basking in the sunshine. I am such a lizard. I also love the days that give me sunshine in which to bask.
  • Panadol eases leg aches and allows peaceful sleep through fevers.
  • T Leaf tea’s Lemongrass tea. It’s awesome, subtle and sweet and soothing to the throat.
  • This fan made timeline of Tamora Pierce’s Kingdom of Tortall
  • Terry Pratchett’s speech on dementia. (Link via Cleolinda)
  • Flickr pool of handbag contents I don’t know why I love looking at all the stuff other women carry about, I just do. Maybe it’s another symptom of my noseyness.

Honourable Mentions: this shirt, my Wonder Woman hoodie, doing the laundry, fresh baking, ice creams on a stick, feeling appreciated, receiving printed out photos in the mail and Lindt milk chocolate.
What are you grateful for this week?


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. TILT
    – Holidays – Matt being home each day is awesome!
    – Sunshine – I too love to bask like a lizard. Walking in the sun is also good but lazing about is best.
    – Dom eating more adult food. Firstly, it is adorably cute to watch him chomp away but I get such a thrill when he eats anything I cook. Baby friendly baking is also fun – I’ve made muffins, banana bread, pate – I love the delicious and easy baby food recipes.
    – I don’t have a cool wonder woman hoodie but I got a catwoman T-shirt from good of ‘House of G’ and it is very cool.
    – Sushi – I had delicous tuna sushi for lunch and it was very good. Nine months of being without sushi means that I may have a lifelong craving for it.
    – Good TV to watch even if it’s not actually on the TV. Heroes season 3 has not been too disappointing so far which is good.

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