Jenni’s All Time Favourite Lush Products

A love letter to the Lush shop basically, my recommendations, also I’m still freaking sick and this entry is easy to do. (I am also not being paid by Lush ;p)
I adore their scents, I love their pun-laced product names, I love the friendly service and the way the shop assistants congratulate you for buying stuff for yourself (as opposed to gifts). So, prompted by my heavenly scented shower I give you my list of all time best products from Lush. (In no particular order.)

  1. I Love Juicy shampoo – it’s like washing your hair in a freshly squeezed cup of mango. Except that it’s not sticky or gross at all, it actually cleans your hair. It gives my short cut a lot of bounce and body, which isn’t always a great thing. (See sticky up bed head). I love it.
  2. Emperor of Ice Cream – This is one of those slightly hard to explain products. Basically you rub it on your body in the shower and it makes your skin all pretty and moisturised. Plus, smells like ice cream. There may be a slight food related theme to the products that I love, but I’m sure that will surprise no one.
  3. Ocean Salt facial cleanser – I have this weird suspicion that I used this product many years back. Recently I was given a wee sample of it and I am loving it for a few reasons. One: it’s an exfoliant, packed as it is with, duh, salt from the ocean. Two: It’s quick and easy to use, you just rub it on and then rinse it off. Three: Makes my lips taste like margarita (salt and lime = yum.) Plus I’m sure it’s also good for my face or whatever.
  4. Fair Trade Foot Lotion – Smells like after dinner mint, soaks in relatively quickly, makes my feet smooth and soft. Win!
  5. Sea Vegetable soap. Lime and Lavender are a blissful combo, it just smells all fresh and reviving. This is one of the very first Lush products I became addicted to. I have an unused bar of it waiting for me to finish with my current soap (mentioned next). Plus it’s a really neat dark deep green, like a sea monster.
  6. Creamy Candy bubble bar and Rock Star soap, I listed them together because they pretty much smell the same. They’re bright pink and smell like vanilla and candy and ice cream. Yum. So so girly and awesome.
  7. The Comforter bubble bar. I was skeptical of this one, I’m not too sure why, maybe the fuschia and white spiral just looked too much like play dough. When I actually got over myself and sniffed it the black currant smell sold it to me right away. The bubbles that come out of this are impressive, a piece about the size of say…a walnut gives you tall fluffy bubbles that last ages.
  8. Green Day bubble bar. I tried this one because Matt and Debs gave it to me for my Rock Star birthday last year and I just love it. It’s all forest based scents like sandalwood and stuff and it’s not too overpowering a smell. Perfect for those days when I just don’t want the pink girly stuff.
  9. Aqua Mirabalis – it’s an exfoliant for the body and is packed full of cocoa and almond butter as well as ground almond shells to make your skin smooth. It’s also scented with Rose Absolute which I adore.
  10. Dreamtime bath melt – OK, this is my all time best favourite Lush product. If they discontinued it a little part of my soul would die. You get it in a weeny block, but I’ve never felt the need to use it all up in one. I break off a bit (again about the size of a walnut I guess) and stick it under the running bath water. It gives the water a milky quality from all the cocoa butter. The smell forces you to relax: jasmine, lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and a bit of ginger. It also has little flowers in it so it’s purty. Makes my skin feel lovely and soft.

So those are my best Lush picks. What are yours?

PoF: pjs, robe, bed at 10pm on Friday. Such a party animal.
CO: breathing.


7 thoughts on “Jenni’s All Time Favourite Lush Products

  1. Mmmmm Lush!
    I love the fairy jasmine bath bomb
    Skin’s shangri-la moisturiser
    Flying fox shower gel – honey and jasmine!
    silky underwear powder – jasmine!
    Ultra Bland cleanser – honey and beeswax.
    creamy candy bubble bar
    honey I washed the kids soap
    Amandopondo bubble bar (rose)
    Most of the bath bomb range I think…
    Ohhh I want a bath!s
    I might be a bit addicted to jasmine…and honey.

  2. Oh I fully love Flying Fox and Fairy Jasmine too…and Wicked bath melt, that’s all full of jasmine. I wonder how they got left off the list? Amandopondo is lovely too, I haven’t tried a couple of your picks though…how tempting!

  3. Whip Stick! I love the chocolate lip balm so so much, but I have this terrible habit of losing the little wee tin. I’ve done it twice in the last two months.

  4. mmm so much Lush stuff that I love. Anything fruity & vanillery I love. Special mention does also go to I love Juicy & The Comforter. I also love the conditioner American Dream & the toner Eau Roma Water. I also like the blackcurrent body butter Snap the Whip. Frosty Gritter & a few other bubble bath things I can’t remember. Mmm I think that it might be a bath in my plans for tonight…

  5. Sigh, so many of things already mentioned sound great. I now want to go and try a whole bunch of them. Too be honest, i have never recieved a tried a Lush product that I didn’t like whether I bought it because it smelt nice or it was a gift/free sample.
    Here are some of favourites:
    – Mars bar bubble bar – so delicious smelling.
    – Snow fairy shower gel – only avaiolbale around Xmas unfortunately
    – Angels on bare skin – smells lovely and is great for skin as well
    – Sultana of soap
    – Buffy the backside slayer
    – Whoosh temple balm – awesomely rejuvenating and great for relieving small headaches and morning sickness woes
    – Dream cream moisturiser
    – Sleepy head massage bar – same smell as the dreamtime bath melt which I also love
    – Helping hands handcream
    – French kiss bubble bar (actually all bubble bars are great)
    – Catastorphe cosmetic mask -smells of blueberries and other yummy stuff and leaves your skin feeling fantastic

  6. So does buffy the backside slayer work??? 🙂
    My favourite recipe is to take an ickle baby bath bomb and add a chunk of a dreamtime bath bar. See if you can resist the relaxation!!!
    Also… butter bombs. I dont know if they have them in nz – bath bombs made of vanilla and cocoa butter.
    Ceridwens Cauldron. So nice. Very long lasting too.
    Aqua Mirabilis. Nuff said.
    Sacre Coeur massage bar has all sorts of uses…
    Heh! It seems like we use all totally different Lush stuff. We should have an exchange. I do have one problem with Lush: they use Sodium laureth sulphate/ sulphide in their products and thats nasty nasty stuff. I wish theyd take a leaf from the Indians and use Soap Nut for the same effect without cataracts or neurotoxicity.

  7. Oooh I would love to have a lush party. I wonder if they do lush parties.
    I really wish I just had huge amounts of lush stock at my house all the time. Smells so goooood!

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