Little Things

…that I have noticed about the street outside me while I lie infirm on the couch.

-> I prefer to hear random Opera singing than random Hip Hop music. I suspect both come from cars waiting at the lights, but I also really like the idea that the opera I heard this morning was a lonesome tenor just wandering Wellington’s streets and singing an aria.
-> There’s *something* that goes outside my apartment at around 5am Saturday morning and plays chimes. Like ‘come out and get ice cream’ chimes. I suspect it was the recycling truck, because that was definitely around at the same time. I heard the crash of the glass. I can understand recycling trucks having chimes on a sunny afternoon in the suburbs so kiddies can run out with the recycling like I used to with the milk bottles….but 5am? Central city? Maybe it was for the bar workers.
-> People will stand in the middle of the busy four lane road and shout at their friends who are inside the apartment building.
-> There are some very big dogs that get walked through town. The people all head towards the waterfront with their giant dogs.
-> Teenagers are freaking loud.

PoF: comfy and warm
CO: dumb sickness

PS. If you have ever worked in Customer Service I think you will enjoy Not Always Right.


One thought on “Little Things

  1. Chance opera is great 🙂 I contribute to it on the motorway, when I forget I’m stopped at the lights and pretending I’m an opera singer.
    Teenagers on the train last night caused me and other train people to exchange amused smiles 🙂

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