Sick and Moaning

I’ve spent the whole weekend in a sick-bed funk. The past three nights I’ve woken up at 4am to cough gunk out of my lungs/throat/wherever the heck it comes from for roughly two hours. Then I try to get some more sleep, generally on the couch where Lee can’t hear me so much.

Yesterday I managed to do a little work on my manuscript and had a not-long-enough-at-two-hours nap. Had dinner at Lee’s parents because his cousin is visiting from the UK and took my tissues with me and insisted on being brought home again at 7.30.

Today I had less luck with the getting back to sleep after 6am, coughing up gunk was way more intense and a couple of times I nearly threw up. I also had the shakes and got way overheated when I did manage to get back to sleep briefly.

This morning Lee bought me medications, cough syrup made by the gods (errr, Benedryl) and pills that will knock me out tonight. This is because unlike the past two days the coughing up of gunk has continued into the sunshine hours (is this good or bad does anyone know?) and the sleep dep is taking its toll on me.
I feel barely human. I’ve tried napping twice this afternoon and it hasn’t worked either time. My bedroom seems to exacerbate my cough so I’ve put the dehumidifier on in there. My nose is also running like crazy which gives me a headache and ear issues.

I guess it’s not winter anymore, so I can’t say it’s my fourth cold of the winter but it’s pretty similar to the second one I had. Just worse and harder to sleep through. I even EFT tapped on the damn thing this morning and did feel a bit better, now I’m just exhausted and that’s my main symptom. I think if I could get a good night’s sleep I’d feel ten times better.

2 thoughts on “Sick and Moaning

  1. Oh noes! Have you tried taking your hayfever medicine, just to see if it clears your sinuses up enough for you to get some sleep? Hope you feel better soon.

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