Post Dr

Codral helped me sleep an extra two hours, for which I am grateful. I am still coughing up disturbingly coloured gunk.

I couldn’t get an appointment with my usual doctor so I went to the after hours this morning. I have a fever right now according to the thermometer. I have been diagnosed with bronchitis and giving a prescription for penicillin in case it is bacterial in nature.

Yay me?
I am going to have a nap now.

PoF: bed
CO: fever


3 thoughts on “Post Dr

  1. yeah, lots of bronchitis going around. i seem to have much the same symptoms as my workmates who have been diagnosed as bronchitis, but i went to the doctor before i started coughing, so i think that i maybe got the antibiotics before it had a chance to get properly bronchitisy.. sorta bronchitisette?
    poor Jenni 😦 hopefully the drugs kick in soon for you.

  2. Aw, I send you all the get-well-soon I have to spare (which is sadly not much *cough*hack*) but ouchies to the bronchitis.

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