Things I Love Thursday

I love taking deep breaths that do not end in coughing. I love it so very very much. I also love anitobiotics, which are getting me back on track to breathe without coughing.
Hail coming down while it’s sunny. Wellington’s weather is made of win.
Thinking about all the nothing I’m going to get done on holiday next week. Mmmm tasty nothing. In actuality I will read, sleep and write. But not a lot else. Mmmmm.
Little fluffy mammals, such as bunnies, kitties, puppies and ratties. Related: trawling cute overload, dog blog and icanhscheezburger.
I want one of these dinosaur robots. Kota is awesome.
Getting stuff done. I actually did manage some writing yesterday, did some work on the Robyn Hood scenario for Best Friends that I’m thinking of submitting to the Kapcon Scenario Design contest. And then seeing if I can sell it somehow.
Also quite excited in the prospect of a TV show about Robin before he was Robin, except can I just say DJ? Ick. I mean, I can see why they didn’t want to go with Dick but there’s other nicknames that come from Richard. And don’t remind me of Full House. Ick. But yay!

Honourable mentions: fresh fruit smoothies, blankies, my ugg boot slippers, the feeling when my ears clear and I can hear again, Lee being a honey even at 4am, Gizmo the mogwai, chocolate covered marshmallow and new friends.

PoF: Cryptozoology
CO: clear nasal passages


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