An update

I don’t have anything much to say except that I have finished reading my first ever H.P. Lovecraft story. It was neat. It was The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. It is testament to how sick I was last week that I picked up the book, looked at the table of contents, thought to myself ‘I won’t read Mountains of Madness because it is too long, I will read a shorter story.’ And then I picked the longest one in the book instead. Math fail!

Yesterday the Pa was opened and I got up very early to witness the ceremony and then speeches at the City Council and then breakfast with all of Lee’s family. It was petty neat. I got a letter from Swearing Niece which was very sweet.

Svend and C took me to Craft 2.0 which was very cool, although there was a distinct lack of edible cupcakes. There were heaps of crochet and felt cupcakes but that’s not the same thing at all. It was very sunny yesterday. I approve of sunny.

PoF: pretty
CO: feeling good


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