About to get older

Notable things I have done* since I turned 28, 364 days ago:

  • Finished the first draft of my second novel.
  • Moved house, settled in, fell in love with living in the middle of the city.
  • Submitted my first novel to two publishers and heard back from them.
  • Rode a motorised toilet.
  • Wrote a short story I am proud of and submitted it to a magazine.
  • Attended a couple of shows in the International Festival of the Arts.
  • Became a rock star on the PS3…drumming and singing in two bands.
  • Went to Akaroa and saw Hector’s dolphins.
  • Saw 27 films in the festival.
  • Started learning to swing dance and attended a ball.
  • Hosted Christmas for my family.
  • Attended one wedding and one funeral.

Got books in the mail today, Meg Cabot’s first Allie Finkle book and the Life on Mars tie in book The Rules of Modern Policing by Gene Hunt. They can be my birthday presents to myself. I also got a voucher from work and a birthday card with lots of pictures of robots drawn in it.
Now just have to finish tidying the house before we go away. Bathroom, spare bedroom and main bedroom done, except for the floors in the bathroom.

I should also mention that today marks the last day of my antibiotics and they have definitely done the trick. Cough is mostly gone, nose mostly dry, although the air conditioning at work wasn’t good for my chest and brought the cough back a bit. Luckily I’m taking the rest of the week off work so that should give my lungs a chance to clear up properly.

PoF: Stripes
CO: Birfday
* or accomplishments.


7 thoughts on “About to get older

  1. I was going to try happy birthday spamming you but fb is playing up so that would have ruined the streak;p So instead I will wish you a GIANT HAPPY BIRTHDAY here!! 😡

  2. Happy birthday! That’s an impressive list for one year’s achievements – may your 29th year by just as rewarding and productive. (And you didn’t even mention starring in a cool 48 hour film, being in Rolling Thunder, and the many quilts/customised T-shirts/other crafty things that you did. Geesh, you are a highly productive, creative person.)

  3. Thanks for the kind wishes everyone!
    Debz: I knew I was forgetting stuff. Of course starring in short films should be up there too. I’d have to do a count of how many quilts I’ve made in the last year, and that reeks of effort….

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