I found a cool website called Instructables where users upload how-to guides for DIY projects. Some of them are seriously hard core (make your own electricity generating wind turbine anyone?) and some are easier. The subcategories make it easy to use and you can also search by key word.

WikiHow is also a font of knowledge and has given me an excellent suggestion for stencilling tshirts. I think that’s what I’m going to do this afternoon.
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, 29 as it turns out, feels just like 28.

PoF: bed
CO: doing what I like

Oh, and further to the Graysons story of the other day, check out this fan made preview for a Grayson movie. Cheesy Catwoman is cheesy but the others do pretty well. It’s very revisionist of the DC canon and not too sure why he didn’t go the Nightwing route, but the trailer is impressive.


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