New stuff

My Angel-in-law got me a fantastic recipe book called Ladies, a plate which is a book of classic New Zealand recipes, all pre-1970, which have been collected from family recipe books and community cookbooks, then tested in the author’s kitchen and proven to be good. The recipes are all familiar:
chocolate fudge cake, neenish tarts, pikelets, butterfly cakes, ginger crunch, queen cakes….the pictures are lush and delicious looking, the foreword has taught me something about baking already. Of course, now I am going to leave my kitchen and all its baking utensils for three days….it’s crazy to take my baking stuff away with me isn’t it?

So, to summarize, there will be baking in my future. And yours if you happen to come over.
Sister in law gave me a pale green wrought iron cupcake stand. It has three tiers and is very curly and pretty. I *heart* it. I’d been looking at buying something like that for myself but all the ones I found on Trade Me were muy expensive.

I also got some designer chocolates, a martian man bracelet I picked out at Craft 2.0, strawberry bubbly and a block-a-day quilt calendar which I am very much looking forward to cracking open and trying out the patterns. Is it cheating to start it before 2009? I hope not, because I don’t think I can wait….Oh and I got an awesome Batman tshirt from LA. It shows Batman and Robin kissing in a heart shape in red on a black tshirt. It’s awesome in the extreme, especially because Batman looks so very happy.
awesome awesome awesome.

Now to pack what I’ll need for the next few days (plain flour, cupcake tray, baking soda, uhm. Clothes I mean.) and have some breakfast.

I had an awesome birthday, cleaning and blasting Tori in the morning, a call from Mum, lunch with DH, afternoon in the sun stencilling tshirts that came out really good, dinner with friends and extended family, cupcakes to finish. Looking forward to my party on Saturday now.

PoF: robe
CO: baking


2 thoughts on “New stuff

  1. I have been interested in getting that recipe book. May have to put it on the wish list for Christmas. Glad you had a great birthday. Unfortunately Luke and I will not be able to make it on Saturday, but if you are passing our way over the next three days give us a yell and I will make sure that we are in.
    A is learning to walk it is very cute, but we have had some nasty bangs, expecting more it come.
    Happy birthday again.

  2. So…how long might someone, in a hypothetical situation, have to hang around at your place for to benefit from some baking? And as a side note, what is the boundary between “visiting” and “living” somewhere?;p

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