I have been frightfully busy.

Being on holiday, having two birthday celebrations in one day followed by brunch, balcony lounging and then dinner out makes for a fantastically fun weekend, but not one with a lot of blogging time.

Awesome things I got for my birthday (in list form, to please Karen 😉 )
– Books, books, books. On the Road, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Last Unicorn(special edition, with signature of author made out to me!) Notebooks too.
– A very special handmade writing muse doll and painted skull picture from the marvelously talented and woefully absent-from-my-life Amphigori.
– Tasty strawberry wine, personalised home brew blonde ale.
– Lush goodies and amazing pink Lolita (read: heart shaped) sunglasses, ‘tooth picks’, a quilt fabric ‘lollipop’, pink jewelery box and heaps more. I feel so lucky and spoiled.
Awesome things I have eaten recently:
– Breakfast burrito at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. I wasn’t hung over on Sunday morning but I hadn’t got enough sleep. This was the perfectest food I could have ordered, especially when combined with perky nana milkshake. Om nom nom.
– Dinner at Kazu restaurant. Best takoyaki and miso in forever. Realised, talking with the girl-Seraph that miso makes me calm. Need more miso in my life.
– Brandy snaps and warm Mississippi mudcake with chocolate syrup at Lakota on Paraparaumu Beach. So retro and so right. Not so into the Bailey’s Creme brulee, because I don’t like the taste of Bailey’s.
– Ice cream cake at the family October birthday celebrations. Strawberry, banana and bubblegum strata of good creamy icecream. I am also impressed with how I managed to get all four birthday people’s names on there with the edible letters.

Awesome Stuff I have read lately:
– More H.P. Lovecraft stories At the Mountains of Madness, The testimony of Randolph Carter, Dreams in the Witch House. Good and spooky. It’s also really nice to learn all the actual mythos that I have been blithely referring to for all these years. Also giant albino penguins = win.
Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving day Meg Cabot’s first book for younger readers is really really good. Her style is perfectly suited to it actually. It’s also made me rethink how I have my girls speak to each other in Kiki so that’s useful too.
Violet and Clare another Francesca Lia Block re-read, I can never remember how this one ends for some reason. I loved reading it again. The characters of both leads are so well rounded and real to me. The end made me cry as it turned out.
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 a beautifully artsy looking graphic novel about mice fighting wars against predators and each other. There are mouse cities, you see, and the Mouse Guard are like the police/army keeping the order. Great characerisation and impressive expression from minimal facial details. Looking forward to reading the Winter installment. Official site. I agree with Mike, the roleplaying game should be awesome.
Ladies, a Plate turns out to be fascinating reading. The history of each recipe really makes it for me. I have actually baked from it now, made afghans when I got home from work today. After dinner I will try the fancy fudgey icing that she recommends. Om nom nom the second.

PoF: slobby
CO: hungry for tea and afghans!


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