Love this article from The Discomfort Zone about being more open minded, basically teaching yourself to think like a child again.

I am so musical-geeky excited that Starlight express, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical about trains in which all the cast is on rollerskates and has races….is coming to Wellington! Eeeee I am so going to it. If anyone else is keen let me know because if we get a group of 10 there’s a discount.

I started a food image set on flickr, because I must copy what Giffy does…but very slowly. You can see it here tasty baking. So far there’s just cupcakes and afghans up there but I will add more as I bake them.

During my lunch break and when I got home from work I made ‘spice crisps’ which are kind of like a home-made version of gingernuts and very very good. Seriously…kind of sinfully good. I sent a package of afghans and spice crisps with Lee to quiz night to give to his dad and got quite a lovely text message of thanks.

PoF: Forgot to post this on actual Tuesday
CO: what else can I bake that will turn out awesome?


7 thoughts on “Chewsday

  1. I did see the banner for Starlight Express and think “Ooh roller skates!”;p My desire to see it might depend on the cost though.
    I can’t look at your baking for it will just make me hungry and desirous of things I can’t have:(

  2. I am unconvinced by the children are open minded point. Living with a child who claims to hate all vegetables even the ones she hasn’t ever tried and who has gone for days refusing to wear anything but pink has warped my views somewhat.

  3. Sass: Tickets are pretty expensive, but given the huge sets including race tracks have to be shipped over and set up I figure it’s going to be worth it 🙂
    Amanda: I know what you mean, perhaps he is talking about very small babies?

  4. lol on the copying me comment, I’m sure the same could be applied in reverse.
    When is Starlight Express on, after we get back? Beau and I could be keen.
    Also, I want your spice biscuits and chocolate cherry torte is always good.

  5. Giffy: First week of July it’s on 🙂
    I can’t make chocolate cherry torte anymore because the supermarkets have stopped stocking canned cherries. It’s a horrible tragedy 😦
    Must take photos of spice cookies…

  6. Very small babies definitely NOT all open-minded. One of mine was… the other only thought that the world was okay if he was in physical contact with a familiar caregiver, preferably me (and my breasts). this persisted until he could crawl really… which took a while, because he usually cried as soon as he was put down. He still hangs back and watches before trying something new, whereas Thomas, if not over-tired or seperation anxious at the time, is right in there.
    I think openness is a personality trait, but am working on teaching it to my biggest wee boy!

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