Weezerday Writing Wupdate

Today I is sleepy. I is sleepy and distracted by t’internets. Despite both of these debilitating conditions I managed to savagely attack about 15 pages of Kiki, striking out whole paragraphs and clarifying certain points, making it flow a but better, giving my leads a bit more character….it’s pretty shocking how much I feel I can just remove to make a better story but I suppose that’s the whole entire point of the process.

Stephen King recommends letting drafts of things ‘sit’ for about 6 months before you go back and look at them, and I think there is real merit in that now. I remember back last year when I was doing this exact same thing (going through the printed manuscript with a pen) and I feel that I am doing better this time. I have emotional distance from the words and I can’t clearly remember how it felt to write them. I am approaching them this time with an editor’s eyes and I think this is a Good Thing Indeed.

On the other hand, my sleepiness has meant I had to have a nap during the process but whatever. The good thing about this stage of the process is that it’s easy to do, so I can do it more often. Hopefully.
Awesomely funny article about how to care for the writer in your life made me smile.

Reading-wise, I finished both of the Allie Finkle books and I really enjoyed them. I want more!
I bought some more baking supplies from the supermarket, but I forgot butter. Baking uses up butter at an alarming rate. That is why it is so delicious I think.

PoF: warmly
CO: Trouble maker


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