Things that have made me laugh this week include:
This comic.
Natalie Portman talking about the Global economic crisis video. (Link via Meg Cabot).
An extra big Bwah hah hah! for this Robin Hallowe’en costume, in case you couldn’t tell, it’s for girls.
Improv Everywhere’s latest MP3 experiment looks like it was fun. Basically everyone downloads the same MP3, goes to a meet up place wearing a red, green, blue or yellow shirt and then presses play at the same time. The MP3 gives them instructions.
Baby huskies, especially the nose biting one.
Oh and the awesome dream I had that Lee and I were in a community theatre production of Hamlet where I was Ophelia, Lee was recast from Horatio to Hamlet so that we could make out on stage and Stoozle played the zombie lizard.

PoF: Gala Darling
CO: getting up energy to close the door.
Late addition: Thanks Hot Topic, for encouraging the creepy stalkerness of Twilight in teenagers. *shudders more than laughs at that one.*


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