Sunday freezy Sunday

There’s a couple more pictures up on Tasty baking, although I need to take a better picture of the ginger crunch. It’s hard because the ginger crunch topping is so squooshy.

The last time I made ginger crunch was using the Edmond’s cookbook recipe and it was a disaster. I must have messed up the amount of butter in the base or something. Anyway it was inedible. The ginger crunch recipe in Ladies, a plate is dead simple and came out amazing. Super crunchy base and I doubled the icing amount so there would be plenty. It is tasty and delicious. Lee also gave it the seal of approval.

I went to Briscoes on Friday night because I got antsy after work and it’s like….a block away. I bought a slice pan, a silicon foldy bakeware loaf pan and a silicone foldy bakeware muffin tray. I also got a neat ‘umbrella’ fly screen thing for putting over baking. It was about $5.00 and it sproings up and down very pleasingly.

I am on a low level hunt for a gem iron (cast iron). There are a few listed on Trade Me but the one I liked went for $62 and I’m just not feeling that rich. Mum used to have one but she doesn’t know where it went. It’s a weirdly consuming desire I have for a gem iron, given that I only want to make ginger gems and I don’t even know if I will want to do that more than once. I think it’s the fact that they are difficult to get that is making me want them more.

I also wish to make myself a new apron. Possibly out of canteen bandannas. I’m not sure if this will actually happen, but in my head it looks very nice.

In non-baking news I managed to do a good two hours of editing work yesterday, moving from making notes with pen on printouts to actually updating the manuscript digitally when I got bored of that. I am working exclusively on Kiki at the moment, just because it is clear that there is a lot that needs changing as I look at it again and also to give WtWTCh? a chance to rest.

I am still desirous of writing more short stories….just in case I am successful with my first one and they ask for more. They’re a nice quick form to write obviously, I just need that kicker of an idea.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of using characters I have invented for roleplaying games, making stories around them. I don’t though, because I feel like those characters don’t belong just to me. Even if I used just my character Sam from The Other Side I feel like I am, well, stealing almost, from the creativity of my roleplaying group. I don’t know how justified that really is, but I can’t help feeling that way anyway.

It’s freezing cold today. If I don’t warm up soon I’m going to have a mid-afternoon bath. Actually, I might just do that anyway. Lee wants to watch The Fellowship of the Ring so I’ll have to close the blinds soon anyway.

PoF: emo bear
CO: baking and writing, clearly. I should write about baking. Hmmmmm.


4 thoughts on “Sunday freezy Sunday

  1. If I ever get the 50s Housewife Club up and running, I have a friend with an apron collection who will do an article on it. So good. I find myself wanting to make an apron too, one with ruffles!
    You are going gangbusters with the baking, go you!
    I’m jealous of the possibility of a mid-afternoon bath. One of the downsides of hostelling.
    *huggles* hope you get some good short story writing ideas. Did the fairytale short-story group that Matt and Debz were planning ever meet up?

  2. Nah, my revamped fairy tale ‘short’ story is now about 80 000 words long – and still not quite finished so I have been completely distracted and sidetracked by that. I might try to write some short stories that are actually short once it’s finished though. πŸ™‚

  3. Debz, thanks for explaining that.
    Jenni: also, if you write about baking, that’s writing a story with craft in it which to me, as you know, is MADE OF WIN!

  4. Not that I have roleplayed with you for a long long time (but if I get this climate change policy job I will be moving back to Welly and losing my Wednesday gaming and oh so desperate), but I think if someone were to write a story about a character I “knew” well from a game, I would love that… and it could add extra dimensions to the game, cos you could spin back off the stories πŸ™‚
    Most art is essentially collaborative… you could just have acknowledgements like a thesis:-)

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