Two graphic novels

Robin: The Big Leagues by Adam Beechen.
Let me get this out of my system first. Ahem. What the hell is up with the new Robin costume? Click here, first panel to see what I mean. I think they’ve retconned it in the comics to match the outfit in the anime Teen Titans and although I think it works in the show I hate it in comic/realistic form. It just looks like he’s dressed as Mr Incredible. And badly, I mean, he added a cape! Also, I need there to be green on Robin’s costume, ok?

Ok. The comic itself was very good. Robin comics tend to have good action and this one had a lot of great fight sequences as well as some humour and geeky teenage stuff that was very endearing. Tim and Bruce’s loving father/son relationship was a but too gooey for me. Having seen countless examples of Bruce being a terrible father to Dick Grayson I can’t quite buy into this stuff with Tim. I am aware though that I miss huge chunks of canon by only reading random graphic novels that the library has but still. It was jarring. That said I really liked the whole first part where Tim is trying to get a father’s day present to Bruce and is waylaid by villains. That was cute.

It’s a Bird by Steven T Seagle
I can’t get over how awesome this comic is. It’s (mostly) autobiographical, or at least, it appears to be. Steve is a comics writer who is offered the chance to write Superman. Instead of being thrilled at the chance to write such an iconic character he becomes angry and depressed. Superman is tied into traumatic event in his childhood when his grandmother dies of Huntinton’s Disease and that brings up the whole can of worms: Huntinton’s is a genetic disease. Steve may come down with it some day.

The story follows Steve failing to deal with these issues, interspersed with little two-three page Superman vignettes relating to what he’s thinking. The art is stunning, really sketchy and real and the emotions are raw and confronting.

I can’t recommend this book and expect people to read it. Autobiographical graphic novels are a particular taste after all, but I did love this and if it sounds at all appealing to you then go ahead and get it. Wellington City Libraries has it.

PoF: slackah
CO: got paid time and a half today


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