Things I Love Thursday

  • Crazy inspiration dreams that get me jacked up on writing and cause me to pelt out 40k in an afternoon. I made a story that scares me a bit. It’s a weird feeling, creating something that you’re not comfortable with. Thankfully I have incredibly smart and supportive writery friends on livejournal who ‘talked me down’ from my panic that I was a horrible person and inherently sick and wrong.
  • Lovecraft. I finally finished the omnibus that Mike loaned to me, you can’t say that his prose is perfect but he can really deliver the twist/horror/reveal. I am looking forward to reading the next book of
  • Burger Fuel. They’re fresh, they have salad in them, they’re delicious. Love the burgers.
  • Baking even when it goes a bit badly, it’s quite delicious.

Honourable Mentions: The Pretty Prince of Parties, friends, cheese, weddings of friends, skype chatting with my Giffy, pretty art and my heart shaped sunglasses.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. *forty* K? Bloody hell, well done you! That’s incredible!
    I actually kinda make it a habit to make things I’m not so comfortable with. Which, um, if I ever showed anyone I knew, might actually be relevant :D.
    Plenty of folk do romance. Playing with the other stuff is more fun :).
    *goes to log into LJ, just in case there’s something there*

  2. *sigh* I know I’m a running geek when I read about you pelting out 40k and my brain automatically goes “Woah, Jenni ran 40km yesterday??”;p

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