PTA: The Other Side Quotes

Previously on The Other Side….the first three episodes and the second lot of quotes.

At Omnicron, Addie has an idea…
Addie: I think we need to get the word out start an advertising campaign, maybe get a TV spot.
Evil plant Squire: Pop ups on the websites.

The Depps are concerned over the disappearance of Sam.
Sam’s mother Sandra: Couldn’t you ask your friend at the Embassy to look for him?
Sam’s dad John: I don’t have any friends at the Embassy.

Sam, at the Embassy, being lectured at length by Isaac.
Sam: Did you want me to talk at all or are you happy just continuing to talk to yourself?
Isaac: Well, I do prefer to provide both sides of the conversation because at least I know I’ll get an intelligent answer.
Sam: Oh I’m sorry, you asked me before if I knew anything about the Embassy bombing and I thought that meant you wanted information. But I can see you want to go on talking so go ahead.

During another difficult talk between Addie and Delores, a phone rings.
Delores: Hello?
Squire: Table destroyed! Requisitions! Form P27!

After the commercial has been filmed for Omnicron…
Black Knight: Now that I have seen you in front of the camera, I am seeing you in a new light.
Sophie: That’s really shallow. I like it!

Isaac on the phone to a superior, talking about Sam: He’s not interested in co-operating because he’s a stubborn jackass…yes. Just like me. Sir.
Sam’s father shoots at Sam (accidentally), Sam runs and hides. Isaac finds her and shares his hip flask.
Isaac: You’re not driving.

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The Winding City

We shot the first bunch of stuff today for Conan’s The Winding City web TV project. We got heaps done, literally heaps and an extra scene as well. We had no camera person so Lee did it. I taught Nick how to log shots. I held the boom for one shot. It was awesome fun.

I had some awesome down time with the other actors running lines (learning my long confusing line of evile), joking, looking through the Prado museum book that Giffy sent me and generally making new friends. It was awesome. There should be some good behind the scenes footage of three of us on the bed together. (ooh err)

I think I did pretty well in my scenes, but it’s very cool and humbling to watch real professionals (or near professionals) working. The way they can just inhabit the role and make you really believe in their motivations. I have it pretty easy since Conan more or less wrote my role for me and I have no emotional motivations or romance plotlines I don’t have as much to sell. The others do and from what I could see, watching the shooting, they did it.

We had an awesome crew and Nick and Nasia were very kind to let us invade their house in such a thorough way for an entire Sunday. It’s a fantastic location, lots of big rooms and great flow.

So, I’m pretty tired out now. Feet sore and head sleepy. I always forget how draining filming is.

PoF: relaxation
CO: 80s movies

Saturday morning things

One of the reasons I like Jonathan Coulton’s Skullcrusher Mountain so much is that there’s nothing in the lyrics that fixes either the mad scientist’s gender or that of the person that is being sung to. This means that I can sing it as a girl singing to a boy even though generally if you think of evil scientists with lairs on Skullcrusher Mountain as male.

Code Monkey by contrast is written autobiographically so is very explicit about Code Monkey being a guy in love with a woman.

Summer is here already in Wellington, we’ve had warm all week and yesterday was absolutely stunning. Looks like today will be as well. I saw a pod of dolphins in the harbour yesterday, they were swimming back and forth around the Frank Kitts park area. Really big pod of about 10, amazing stuff. Made me want to run out on my job, hire a kayak and go and join them. I didn’t though.

Writing projects are springing up all over the place. It’s a good thing. All leads towards the dream. I have been having ‘ohnoes’ this week about how it’s possibly all out of reach and I should stop trying but I squish them back down again as fast as I can. Did give me a short story idea though, so that’s all good.

Thoughts on redrafting: You have to do it with a set of rules in mind. Like, ‘I will remove all the adverbs unless they are absolutely, positively necessary’ or ‘I will take out everything that I have already said before’. If you go into redrafting with a nebulous goal like ‘make it better’ then you can get stuck second guessing yourself. Because nothing is ever going to be perfect, and you have to step away from it at some point. If you give yourself concrete guidelines then it becomes much easier to finish.

PoF: Pjs
CO: feet went to sleep

Things I Love Thursday

  • Gmail themes. I really like the desk one, with it�s mug stains and postcards and sometimes an apple. It makes me feel all retro, like I�m dealing with actual mail.
  • Speaking of which, another shout out to Giffy and her sending me actual mail! I have started a display folder by sewing the postcards into their own sections of clear file pockets. I am putting them in chronological order and the random ephemera like tickets and pamphlets in pockets so that they can be taken out and looked at. The sewing machine likes to bunch up the clear plastic but I don�t care. It�s still better than filing them away in a box somewhere and never looking at them.
  • New books. Through a series of happy accidents I am the proud owner of Tori Amos�s graphic novel Comic Book Tattoo. It�s a huge coffee table art book with stories in it. Like an album of Tori songs illustrated beautifully in full colour. In short, it�s neat. It�s pretty. It�s mine!
  • Gala Darling�s daily fortune for yesterday
  • Sharing the baking love. I made afghans with pebbles on top instead of walnuts and I think they were really nice. I sent a box of baking to my father in law and got a text of thanks. I give baking to my nearest seated workmates and they smile. My sister found my mother�s old gem iron. Ginger gems will be mine!

Honourable mentions: Inspiration, pots of paint, having a tenant in our rental property again (Sing! Dance!) , Lee, meeting Sok for lunch, basking in the sunshine, my Juno shirt, the pretty sparkly Christmas tree in the middle of my apartment, short pants, milky way bars from the fridge, moving forward with my writing.

Please share the things that you are thankful for today

Wednesday Writing

First thing is a wee plug for Don’t be a Rodney which is for people who believe that climate change is an issue worthy of our new government to address.

Basically it shows you how you can make a difference on one specific issue. Yay Morgue! You rock.
Squeeeeeee a new project arrived in the mail today! Well, the start of something anyway….which got me all enthused and excited and I wrote up something. I’m going to give it another look tomorrow and then get it posted….fun secret projects are fun. And secret.

I had a doctor’s appointment so I did some more Christmas shopping on the way home and….accidentally bought myself presents too. On the up side, they were all on sale so my Ghost Busters logo tshirt and Juno ‘Hamburger phone’ shirt and the ridiculously short and cute starry rara skirt only cost $25 all up. Plus my Juno shirt makes me feel really cool and I think that’s worth it. I did also manage a bit of Christmas shopping so I’m not all bad-no-willpower. Maybe I shall make January another buy nothing month….maybe.

I did the dishes and finished decorating my Christmas tree (still looks a little bare, need more decs!) and I have also managed some redrafting, editing the digital manuscript based on notes. I also luxuriated in the sunshine and finished another Stephen King short story. (“Home delivery” I’m still working through Nightmares and Dreamscapes, it’s a fantastic collection.)

More editing til dinner time and then I’ll watch some TV. I love summer, it doesn’t get properly dark til after 9 now and it’s warm outside.

Craft wise I’ve started working on a display folder for all the postcards Giffy’s been sending me. It seemed sad to put them away in a box, so I’m sewing the postcards into clear file inserts. My sewing machine likes to make the plastic pucker some but it’s doing the job. Problem is I have so many and they’re only two to a file so the wee ringbinder I bought last Wednesday filled up already. Today I got one of those super giant lever arch binders and I’m going to use that instead. My plan is to cover the binder with some nice fabric so it looks good and then have it on the bookshelf.

PoF: Juno, but without the belly
CO: One in ten.

Short notes on writing

You have to take inspiration where you get it. If I’m fuelled by anger from a busy and frustrating day at work or jealousy because my friends are succeeding, well…at least I’m fuelled. They may not be pretty emotions, but they are motivating ones and I’m gonna use that.

(Seriously, so pleased for Matt and Debs and crossing fingers for both of them.)

I have been in a writing slump for sure, but I like the progress I’m making on re-drafting Kiki. I find myself thinking back to Stephen King’s formula for redrafting, learned from a rejection letter in his high school days: “Second draft equals first draft minus ten percent.” I think I’m getting there, although it is kind of strange to watch my word count go down it is also satisfying.

PoF: trackies
CO: tickets booked for Starlight Express in July next year!


Managed to get some Christmas shopping done yesterday. The shops weren’t too packed so it wasn’t too stressful. I even dared to enter the Kirk’s christmas shop which was…ok, still packed. But I bought two lovely tree decorations (a beaded heart and a wee fimo sculpture of gingerbread cookies in a tin) and a sun bear fundraising toy that I really want to keep for myself but will end up gifting to a niece. I also managed to get an advent calendar with pictures instead of chocolates. They’re on the third floor of Whitcoulls Lambton Quay right by the check out, but they didn’t have many left.

So, feeling virtuous for making a dent and getting feedback from people on facebook I went ahead and put up my Christmas tree this morning. You know me, I love this silly season. I want to make it last as long as I can.

Yesterday I baked more afghans and a gingerbread loaf. I had to substitute a lot of treacle for golden syrup because I ran out, so it tastes a little funny. It also got a bit burned, but it’s alright. Lee pronounced it “nice” against my expectations. I have some neat cookie cutters on order from a shop on Trade Me so I can get into the gingerbread cookie making for realz.

Yesterday I also made someone’s day, which was nice for me.

I’m really enjoying My Bonny Light Horseman which is the newest book in the Jacky Faber/Bloody Jack series. It’s the normal shape of disaster followed by disaster and Jacky getting into scrapes with handsome men. Plus I’m learning about the Napoleonic war. Well, kinda. Love it to bits.

I am almost done writing up my entry for the Kapcon Scenario Design contest, but I’m not very convinced it’s a winning level entry. I think it’s a good bit of fun and silliness but I think it will be outshone. Ah well, still good to enter and boost the numbers I guess.

I’ve had my 18 month review at work. That’s quite a long time. It went well.

PoF: pjs
CO: should Softimus Prime stay on top of the Christmas tree? I think yes.

Things I Love Thursday

  • My favourite parody videos of Lord of the Rings dumb cartoon and ending Fellowship reunited re-dub.
  • Summer is coming, the days are long and sunny and I don’t have to wear layers of merino to stay warm.
  • The zoo and especially red pandas and watching my niece freak out about the monkeys. In a good way.
  • Buying new DVDs. I just really like sharing films I’ve enjoyed with other people.
  • The music video for Billy Idol�s White Wedding. It has everything you need in an 80s music video: shaking vinyl bottoms, someone driving through a stained glass window on a motorbike, Billy Idol�s lip curl, a wedding attended by equal parts Goths and 80s greasers, Billy Idol in a winding sheet. The only problem is that I keep thinking that he looks like Spike when I know it�s the other way around but y�know.

Honourable Mentions: New Empire magazine, ongoing Twilight madness reports from Cleolinda, Rock Band 2, peanut M&Ms, Lee, my friends (old and new) and craft. Supernatural, we’ve finished season 2 now. Need more. New heavily discounted short denim skirt is good too.

Please share your list of things you are happy for, I promise you it will make you feel a little bit better.

PoF: sore drumming arm
CO: roast lamb in oven smells goooooood

Wednesday Writing

The title is a misnomer. I didn’t do any writing today. Instead I met my sister, mother and little niece for a trip to the zoo. It was neat to see niece’s joy at the different animals and there were heaps out and about. I got the best picture of a sunbear basically ever. Niece is also very good at roaring (lions and tigers are her favourite animals.)

After that I whizzed around various shops looking for specific items: cheap but nice quality tshirts for making into Twilight stuff to sell online, some sort of display folder for all the postcards Giffy has been sending me (ended up with a ring binder and clear files….), advent calendar with pictures and not chocolates (will have to go to LQ Whitcoulls for that one) and a paint palette. Took a while because I went to the Warehouse to see if they had any A5 scrapbooks. (They don’t).

By the time I got home it was 4.30 and I had a nap. I have managed to proof read a little but then I wanted to look at my zoo photos and get some ordered from snapfish.
Plus my blog updating has been teh slack, so I felt guilty.

Our roleplaying campaign of PTA The Other Side finished last night after a two episode season finale. My character managed to get a pretty good cliff hanger, so did Steve’s. I shall add quotes and summaries in a seperate blog entry. Anyway, it was epic and cool and true feelings were revealed and failed to be revealed and it was everything you want in a psuedo-comedic fantasy drama. I think. Plus it turns out that the Hellsing soundtrack fit the climax of our show perfectly.

Rock Band 2 continues to be awesome. We have unlocked Alanis Morissette “You oughta know” and downloaded a whole Foo Fighters album and I love to sing “White Wedding” and “Monkey Wrench” and the drums are good and challenging after the break I had from them and guitaring is hard, but I’m learning. Slowly.

PoF: In case of zombies
CO: It’s ok not to have done more writing


I couldn’t sleep in this morning so I got up to finish my book. Then I was going to write a blog entry about how I got to be a fan of comics but instead I went back to sleep and had a kick ass Hellboy inspired Batman and Robin versus Chthulu dream. It was all set in sewers and the batcave had been compromised by the weird tentacled beasties. It was all about trapping the thing because they knew they couldn’t beat it.

Blogging’s a bit light because Lee and I are sharing a laptop while his is broken and in Auckland being diagnosed, so of course the wireless card in my lappy crapped out and it’s tethered to a short network cord now.

I finished reading The Graveyard Book which is Neil Gaiman’s newest book and a kid’s book. Just at first I didn’t enjoy it because it was quite episodic and I was expecting it to be something else. I put it down for a few days and when I picked it up again I accepted it for what it is and really enjoyed it. It’s very Neil.

I baked a cake yesterday for my mother and some more spice crisps. The spice biscuits didn’t come out as tasty as last time for some reason but I’m hoping they’ve mellowed overnight some. I shall upload photos to tasty baking once the cake is iced and sliced. (Banana bread and gingerbread vampire photos added a couple of days ago.)

The other thing I did yesterday was give myself a break from writing. I just read and mooched and had brunch and lay about. It was really nice. Of course I kept thinking about my projects but that’s all good. Sometimes you need a break.

PoF robe
CO waking up is hard to do