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Thanks in large part to Sass, I had some treats delivered to me at work today. I took some photos and made a new flickr set of socks.

Steve sent me some neat library themed links…America’s coolest libraries, although the use of the word cool is a little jarring somehow, I very much like the Kansas carpark at the end. Very much.

Also the hauntedest libraries is all spooky and stuff. I love reading about hauntings.
Oh and I love this song by Jonathan Coulton (I know I’m late to the party here, I’ve been played ‘re: your brains’ but I didn’t really get him until I got to sing ‘Skullcrusher Mountain’ on Rock Band.) Anyway I really love this cute wee song he does called Code monkey. (Link to him performing it live.)

Short and sweet.
You found anything awesome lately? Share it in the comments 🙂

PoF: trackies
CO: hopefully got the drums working


2 thoughts on “Links to stuff

  1. I have been to three of the libraries on that list, the NY Humanities library, the Chicago Harold Washington, and the Seattle public. All fantastic spaces for very different reasons. There was a jazz exhibition on in the Chicago one while I was there with Malcolm, New York had an amazing old maps exhibition, and Seattle just was an attraction in itself – I spent about four hours just hanging out there.

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