Fun things

Beverly Hills Chthulu? Hells yes.

The other week Lee and I were sitting in Sweet Mother’s kitchen rocking our pop culture hoodies. Mine was Wonder Woman natch, Lee’s was his Cobra Kai one. Then we realised that there was a guy sitting at the counter wearing the Karate Kid headband! I said there’d have to be a rumble but Lee pointed out that Cobra Kai may strike hard, but they strike in packs and he was on his own. It could have been awesome.

On Sunday evening there was a fake horse on the road outside my house. It was a life size shiny black horse. It was brought there in a horse float and then a girl got on it and then hopped off again and then the whole group of people picked it up and ran across the road with the fake horse. Then I couldn’t see it anymore because there are shop awnings in the way.

I had pizza from Scopa on Saturday night for the first time ever. It was freaking amazing. We had the carne and the quattro fromagi. I really liked the carne one. The cheese one, well….I couldn’t help but think it was just flash cheese on toast. I like a bit more meat on my pizza to be honest with you. The carne suited me fine. Oh and we had these amazing cheesey rosemary potato pieces and they were awesome.
Meg Cabot may have the best ever Hallowe’en story pretty much ever.

PoF: WW Hoodie
CO: why do my feet be so cold?


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