Writing hasn’t been easy the last couple of days. I feel like I have too many juggling balls up in the air so I can’t concentrate on any one thing. I need to get a couple of things actually finished but I have no attention span. I’m so nervous about the US election and I keep compulsively checking cnn.com to see the projected results.

That being said, I have made progress on a bunch of things today in small ways and bathed in the sun on the balcony so it’s all good. I’m feeling good. I have a crazy busy weekend coming up too which I am looking forward to even though I won’t have much writing time.

Two links:
Softer World is a strange photographic web comic that I learned about through Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I’ve only read a couple of them but they’re quite enchanting.

10 ways to avoid writing insecurity may have been written specifically for me today. I am struggling with a new genre of short story. I am incredibly insecure about it and keep stopping. Here I go to dive back in….


4 thoughts on “Wodensday

  1. I’m nervous because Cali is FAR too close on Prop 8 (which, I gather, will invalidate the weddings that have already happened), Florida has just banned gay marriage, and Arizona looks set to do the same :(.
    So much for a newer, more open-minded US – I don’t see *any* president making a difference to the state-based decisions.
    Still, at least those states that are voting on abortion-related measures look to be keeping it reasonable, and Washington’s even put through some support for euthanasia! Kick arse.
    Softer World is bizarre and, yes, kinda compelling :). In fact, I am going to tag it now. Fabulous.

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