Entry 1301 – Things I Love Thursday

  • It’s neat to be aware that you are living a historic moment. I couldn’t quite believe it that Obama won, but when I was walking down Courtenay Place on the way to dinner with Mike, MTNW, Lee and Nick I saw something awesome. The Malthouse was playing Obama’s speech and there was this huge crowd gathered to watch him. They were spilling out of the bar and blocking the footpath, I saw people run across the road to hear it. We stopped briefly but we were on the wrong side of the road and couldn’t hear it all. Here is is youtube. America’s first black president. Exciting times.
  • Fireworks. Things go boom, make pretty lights. Nice colours.
  • The idea that I’ve made 1301 separate posts on this here blog. That’s a lot of words! I also like imagining my blog as a little 5 year old, dressed in a pink dress over a pair of blue jeans. Maybe with a pair of fairy wings strapped to her back. She has a big school bag and is waiting for her friend Morgue to walk to school with her. I can’t say why this image appeals to me so much, but it does.
  • Ginger crunch, the recipe from my birthday book is amazing. Crunchy and tasty and good. It’s so bad for me but it’s delicious.
  • Our own General election is coming up and it’s important that everyone remembers to vote. If you need incentive, why not watch this Making Fiends episode about elections and get the catchy ‘vote vote vote’ song stuck in your head and then sing it at people. That’s what I’ll be doing anyway.
    Vote vote vote, vote vote vote
    unless you are a goat, ’cause goats can’t vote
    vote vote vote, vote vote vote
    unless you are a candied yam, ’cause candied yams can’t vote

Honourable mentions: things arriving in the mail, toasted sandwiches with cheese and mushroom and salami, Supernatural, live theatre, hugs from friends, photos uploaded on facebook and chocolate bars. And dreaming, always dreaming.

What are you thankful for today? Please to be sharing your list in the comments 🙂

PoF: cold feet
CO: Obama!


5 thoughts on “Entry 1301 – Things I Love Thursday

  1. “Can anyone imagine dubya doing that?”
    Well, yes, easily. But that’s in part because of the Jon Stewart theory that Dubya should’ve been the mascot, not the president ;). “He’s ADORABLE!”
    And because, c’mon, politicians are all whores for a photo-op :).
    I am thankful for:
    *toast with peanut-butter and baked beans (srsly, it’s so yum!)
    *that there’s at least the possibility of appealing Prop 8’s near-certain passing in California, since it’s so very close there (unlike Florida and Arizona)
    *that I get to bowl on up to a voting booth on Saturday with my card and *not* have to worry about someone losing my vote, or my name vanishing from the list, or being intimidated by supporters from any party – basically, I’m glad I’m voting in NZ, not the US 🙂
    *that today is so beautiful and sunny, with just the right amount of wind, so that the three loads of laundry I’ve hung out will very likely dry!
    *that I have some Phoenix Creaming Soda in the fridge for Saturday, whoo!

  2. I love that my Thursday exercise apathy has been solved by an unexpected ticket to the ballet! AL-RIGHT! (okay, yeah, I’m hyperactive now;p)

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