Oh man

The thought of a National/ACT government makes me feel ill. At least the Greens got 8 seats I guess. I may just move to America….

Why does is make me feel sick? Well, check out the entry on No Right Turn who can always articulate politics better than I can.
And now I go up the coast and try to enjoy the Arts trail. At least I will see my sister and her family and that will genuinely be good.


5 thoughts on “Oh man

  1. Well now you will know how a lot of us have felt for the past 9 years, being told we are ‘rich pricks’ and having our money given to other people we are told need it more than we do.
    As a high income earning couple with multiple properties, you do know that labour considers you a rich prick who should be taxed higher to pay for others to have kids they can;t afford?
    One of the major differences over the next (hopefully 9) years plus is that over time you will see that you are not being told someone else deserves your money more than you do. you are free to give it away if you wish, but you won;t be forced to.
    the reality is that day to day nothings going to change, you will just start to see more money in your own pocket, which you can give away if you want, or invest in your own family.
    and personally, Idiot from NRT is a muppet with little connection to reality.

  2. Ummmmm. As a non-property-owning single Mum I sure am going to miss my handouts… but really, I think this election result has bigger implications than just the impact on our individual finances. Two things stood out to me when I voted on Friday (early votes, another good reason for living here not America) the environment and the kind of society I want to live in. National and Act don’t and won’t tick either of my boxes…
    I cried on Saturday (but at least both my votes counted, Palmerston North stayed Labour and the Greens increased their proportion, albeit not enough)

  3. Hon, you do know that America’s democrats are more conservative than any of our right-or-left conservative parties, right?
    I know other folk have different opinions, but it’s always been conservatism that wigs me, not the left or right alignment.
    When even California passes Prop 8, because the conservative inland areas outweigh the liberal coastal cities, it’s pretty depressing. And Cali was a whole lot closer than Florida! It’s alarming how much sway the conservative religious groups have over there. Yay for a relatively secular country :).

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