Weekends go fast when you’re busy. Here’s what my weekend looked like:

Friday night: get home and bake batch of cupcakes and chocolate cake.

Saturday: fail to sleep in, then get up and vote (take two stickers), sing the Making Fiends voting song, buy Batgirl tee shirt. Hang out at home briefly then go to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen for delicious breakfast burrito with old friends, come home, ice chocolate cake while showing off 48 hour film to said old friends.

Rush to The Winding City rehearsal and get there way late, rehearse. Lounge about in the sun with friends and talk about rehearsal, go to Jville for delicious Burger Fuel dinner, come back, eat dinner, partay. At partay, catch up with a bunch of people in between drinking summer ale and playing Rock Band. (Bliss to have a drum set that works.) Oovle homewards circa 11.15.

Sunday: Fail to sleep in, update blog with small sad political post, have shower, let Steve in to borrow stuff, say goodbye to husband, get in car. Drive to Kapiti while recognising that you are a smidge hung over and consider stopping for tasty baking in Jville, decide just to sing at top of lungs all the way instead. Collect parents, give mother birthday money to buy herself a painting, do the Kapiti Arts trail and purchase a willow basket off the Irishman who made it, several little things from an Otaki arts collective called Zambarta (where mum bought her birthday painting) and meet Tasty_fish for lunch. Lunch is pleasant but the cafe is very slow to deliver food. Pan fried fish and exotic cheese salad is so good you can’t complain about the wait. Get back in car, swelter and finish off the stuff you had to see in the arts trail, find out that sister is being kept in hospital overnight for tests, see brother in law and niece. Have icecream, drive home, talk to husband, check interwebs, go to visit sister in hospital. Sister is absent. Turns out she’s been let out for dinner. Got to Mexican cafe in Newtown for dinner (too much cheese) and then visit sister and she is there. Hang out with sister til visitor’s hours over and then come home and watch Supernatural til bed time.

Sister is fine, by the way and back at Mum’s house today. Phew.
Steve sent me this nice little advice column about the Query query which is about query letters to publishers. Nice to add to my writing advice collection.

In other er….areas of writing advice, I got this amazing article off Zephfi called How to Write Smokin’ Hot Smut which is very helpful for my current project. It’s specifically written for fanfic, but the advice is actually pretty universal.

PoF: brown
CO: dumb ear


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