Stuff got done

I made this banana bread and it is freaking awesome. I used brown sugar instead of white because I’ve used up all my white sugar with all the baking I’ve done lately, I think it made it even more delicious! It took ages to bake (I’ve never made ‘loaf’ before) but man, hot from the oven this was banana bread ecstasy.

I also managed to finish part one of a project for Star. I wrote a blog entry on Twilight for the library teen website. I’m not sure how much of it they’re going to be able to use but I feel like I did a good entry. I balanced the better things about the series with the things I have major issues with. I have two possible follow up blogs, one for each main character but I don’t know if they’ll want them.

I got a huge packet of postcards and goodies from Giffy (and one from her beau) which was great fun to read. I love the pictures and how Giffy signs each separate even though it’s really all one letter and the way she thinks of me when choosing postcards (18th century gowns ohyes.) Much love to my Giffy and her beau.

Lucky timing resulted in our copy of Rock Band 2 being delivered while I was home for lunch reading Giffy’s mail. I met the courier and brought it up and tore it open and assembled the drum kit and then….went back to work. I just couldn’t think of a decent reason to call in sick for the afternoon. Heh. On getting home this evening though I got it all up and running and Lee and I have played Eye of the Tiger, Hungry Like the Wolf and a few more. We made up a new band “Random Floor Katana” using the time honoured method of ‘things we can see in the lounge’ and I re-created Lenore Goldfish and Bekah for the new game. Lee made Le Edge because he insists on naming his Rock Band sprites after famous guitarists but with his name incorporated. There’ s a new older looking male face option so I also made Bruce Willis.Awesome sauce. The new drum kit is lovely, quieter pads, wireless and a metal bass pedal being the main awesome.

I love this Google maps Cloverfield trail.
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7 thoughts on “Stuff got done

  1. Sass, what were you trying to say? Put it on my lj, it doesn’t screen comments.
    Also, if you are extra super nice to me there may be banana bread left tomorrow night ;p

  2. Snap! That’s the same recipe I use for making Banana bread for Dom. I add 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to it sometimes because I love the cinnamon. I must try it with brown sugar now. Brown suggar makes everything more yummy… well, sweet stuff any way.

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