Wednesday Writing

I’m taking some of the stress off myself by actually finishing projects. Well, getting them closer to finished anyway.

  1. Twilight blog entry Sent to Star
  2. Erotic short story first draft Actually finished writing it last night and sent to SpecialKnives for vetting
  3. Messed up short story of horror that won’t leave me alone redrafted and tentatively pushed towards Morgue for feedback.
  4. Massive redraft of Kiki
  5. First edit of WtWTCH?

So, I’m left with the two biggest jobs which is fine because there is much less feeling like I owe people stuff that I haven’t done. I’ve also managed to lose three of those juggling balls I was complaining about earlier. I can manage two, so I’m feeling content. On the other hand I’m all tempted to start something new and fun and interesting and redrafting is boring and…yeah. I’m working on the attitude. I figure sitting on my balcony in the sunshine with the manuscript will help.

PoF: Spygirl International Founders Club
CO: sunshine


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