Things I Love Thursday

  • Sunshine summer sun, so it’s definitely getting warmer and the afternoon sun in my apartment is getting later like 4.30pm and my balcony is awesome for sunbathing and….I just love summer. I’m a lizard. Can’t move fast in the cold weather.
  • Rock Band 2. Last night we unlocked some classic songs Livin’ on a prayer, White Wedding, One Way or Another, Lump. So so good. The game play is much the same, which is no surprise. The expert singing level is a little easier than in RB original I think because I actually got %100 on something I sang last night, and I won a trophy! We get trophies on RB2 which is rather exciting. Our new band, Random Floor Katana, is doing pretty well really. Learning the guitar is weird, because my muscles know it better than my brain does and if I could just relax and not think about it I’d probably be fine. I’m getting there.
  • Fresh baking. I’ve been getting a lot of enjoyment out of all the baking I’ve been doing. Plus I have gingerbread cookie dough all ready to roll out and cut up and bake.
  • Twilight madness such as Rob Pattinson’s awesome description of the books. The madness of the Twilight Fans. Reportage. The news media went ahead and called it a riot and well, if people are getting squashed and tramped and someone got a broken nose….I think that�s fair. Nutso. More updates here on Cleo’s LJ.
  • Lee and I are rewatching season two Scrubs. This may be one of my favourite moments from Scrubs basically ever. Mop.
    Although I also love this lip synching More than a feeling.

Honourable Mentions: LARP planning, mail from Giffy, things I have ordered online arriving in the mail, True Blood, comfy worn in jeans, my Lee, eating dinner out, frozen berry margaritas anticipation, Jared Padelecki and the Tall Tales episode of Supernatural.

PoF: Gala tank
CO: hungry for dinners


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I too loved the “more than a feeling”. Thanks Jenni… you cheered me up when I was feeling crap cos I still haven’t heard back on the job I wanted and it looks like I’m going to be staying in Palmy after all!

  2. Er, your twilight links don’t seem to be working…
    -Definitely agree on the sunshine It feels like summer is here. Yay!
    -Xmas anticipation – everytime I go near a shop filled with Xmas decorations I get all excited. Dom also loves exciting Xmas lights and decorations. This December 25th should be awesome with a little one – he was a little too young to really enjoy last year but now he can unwrap pressies and eat solid food so I’m sure he the orgy of gluttony and presents.
    -That British comediennes show up with surprising roles in US TV series – Hugh Laurie as House, Eddie Izzard as a gypsy conman in The Riches. I am looking forward to Rowan Atkinson playing a BADLOR cop in a police procedural or Stephen Fry as a Texan oil billionaire.

  3. Twi-links should be fixed now…no idea what went wrong there.
    Karen: Yays, I’m pleased you liked it 🙂
    Debs: That’s a good list. I’m looking forward to Xmas too, but I’m not letting myself get too excited yet. But I have already started planning my lj advent calendar 🙂

  4. I haven’t read the Twilight books – are they any good? Are they like the teenage girl equivalent of Harry Potter (i.e. masses of fans throughout the world)?

  5. *hugs* I deserve mentions and I get them which is good.
    Hey Karen, I shall also be spending significant time in P North next year. We can hang out, if you want?

  6. Heh. Thanks for the Twilight links. I almost want to read the books now after Rob Pattinson’s awesome review. The guy should obviously quit acting and become go into publishing – he clearly knows how to market a book. 🙂 Authors would be lining up to have him describe their books…

  7. Thanks Giffy… I’d love to hang out with you! I should warn you that I come with two small clingons (pics on blog) who fall in love with all my friends…

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