I couldn’t sleep in this morning so I got up to finish my book. Then I was going to write a blog entry about how I got to be a fan of comics but instead I went back to sleep and had a kick ass Hellboy inspired Batman and Robin versus Chthulu dream. It was all set in sewers and the batcave had been compromised by the weird tentacled beasties. It was all about trapping the thing because they knew they couldn’t beat it.

Blogging’s a bit light because Lee and I are sharing a laptop while his is broken and in Auckland being diagnosed, so of course the wireless card in my lappy crapped out and it’s tethered to a short network cord now.

I finished reading The Graveyard Book which is Neil Gaiman’s newest book and a kid’s book. Just at first I didn’t enjoy it because it was quite episodic and I was expecting it to be something else. I put it down for a few days and when I picked it up again I accepted it for what it is and really enjoyed it. It’s very Neil.

I baked a cake yesterday for my mother and some more spice crisps. The spice biscuits didn’t come out as tasty as last time for some reason but I’m hoping they’ve mellowed overnight some. I shall upload photos to tasty baking once the cake is iced and sliced. (Banana bread and gingerbread vampire photos added a couple of days ago.)

The other thing I did yesterday was give myself a break from writing. I just read and mooched and had brunch and lay about. It was really nice. Of course I kept thinking about my projects but that’s all good. Sometimes you need a break.

PoF robe
CO waking up is hard to do


5 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. OMG, how cool are the gingerbread vampires??? SUper cool!! That’s how.
    I am intrigued by the Neil Gaiman. Currently reading books based on what is left in hostels. Just read the Kite Runner. Very sad and good.

  2. Glad that you thought The Graveyard Book was good. I listened to the first chapter on line and thought it sounded great. Your initial ‘meh-ness’ worried me.

  3. I too covet your vampire cookies. So cute and delicious looking. Can you buy vampire shaped cookie cutters or are you exceedingly talented at sculpting cookie dough?

  4. Debz: It’s just a bog standard gingerbread man cutter with detailing and I added fangs and evil eyebrows with a knife 🙂
    Karen and Giffy: Thank you very much!

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