Wednesday Writing

The title is a misnomer. I didn’t do any writing today. Instead I met my sister, mother and little niece for a trip to the zoo. It was neat to see niece’s joy at the different animals and there were heaps out and about. I got the best picture of a sunbear basically ever. Niece is also very good at roaring (lions and tigers are her favourite animals.)

After that I whizzed around various shops looking for specific items: cheap but nice quality tshirts for making into Twilight stuff to sell online, some sort of display folder for all the postcards Giffy has been sending me (ended up with a ring binder and clear files….), advent calendar with pictures and not chocolates (will have to go to LQ Whitcoulls for that one) and a paint palette. Took a while because I went to the Warehouse to see if they had any A5 scrapbooks. (They don’t).

By the time I got home it was 4.30 and I had a nap. I have managed to proof read a little but then I wanted to look at my zoo photos and get some ordered from snapfish.
Plus my blog updating has been teh slack, so I felt guilty.

Our roleplaying campaign of PTA The Other Side finished last night after a two episode season finale. My character managed to get a pretty good cliff hanger, so did Steve’s. I shall add quotes and summaries in a seperate blog entry. Anyway, it was epic and cool and true feelings were revealed and failed to be revealed and it was everything you want in a psuedo-comedic fantasy drama. I think. Plus it turns out that the Hellsing soundtrack fit the climax of our show perfectly.

Rock Band 2 continues to be awesome. We have unlocked Alanis Morissette “You oughta know” and downloaded a whole Foo Fighters album and I love to sing “White Wedding” and “Monkey Wrench” and the drums are good and challenging after the break I had from them and guitaring is hard, but I’m learning. Slowly.

PoF: In case of zombies
CO: It’s ok not to have done more writing


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. I have plans to make advent calendars next year. Fabric ones with pockets you can put little things into and then reuse the next year. Even if I don’t manage to find the time to actually do it, I just like thinking about it.
    Also, Yay for folderole!

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