Things I Love Thursday

  • My favourite parody videos of Lord of the Rings dumb cartoon and ending Fellowship reunited re-dub.
  • Summer is coming, the days are long and sunny and I don’t have to wear layers of merino to stay warm.
  • The zoo and especially red pandas and watching my niece freak out about the monkeys. In a good way.
  • Buying new DVDs. I just really like sharing films I’ve enjoyed with other people.
  • The music video for Billy Idol�s White Wedding. It has everything you need in an 80s music video: shaking vinyl bottoms, someone driving through a stained glass window on a motorbike, Billy Idol�s lip curl, a wedding attended by equal parts Goths and 80s greasers, Billy Idol in a winding sheet. The only problem is that I keep thinking that he looks like Spike when I know it�s the other way around but y�know.

Honourable Mentions: New Empire magazine, ongoing Twilight madness reports from Cleolinda, Rock Band 2, peanut M&Ms, Lee, my friends (old and new) and craft. Supernatural, we’ve finished season 2 now. Need more. New heavily discounted short denim skirt is good too.

Please share your list of things you are happy for, I promise you it will make you feel a little bit better.

PoF: sore drumming arm
CO: roast lamb in oven smells goooooood


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Yay for stuffs 🙂 What crafts are you doing now? I saw a possible Lee calendar yesterday, but Beau and drowninghail wouldn’t let me stop and buy it… we were kinda on a tour. Anyway, I must find it again!

  2. Hot chocolate made with milk and real melted chocolate
    Thomas’s face this morning when he saw the christmas tree James insisted we put up last night
    Choosing flowers (and veges) at the garden shop with J and planting the flowers in pots on the deck (still have to finsh weeding the garden for the vegs, but= I bought a Hungarian Yellow Chilli and barely resisted the black cherry tomatoes and spicier chillis… might have to go back and see if they still have them when I am fulltime again)
    Thomas “book book book” (I must be doing something right)
    James, who used to be timid in water skidding in the paddling pool at the esplanade and coming up with a huge grin

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