Managed to get some Christmas shopping done yesterday. The shops weren’t too packed so it wasn’t too stressful. I even dared to enter the Kirk’s christmas shop which was…ok, still packed. But I bought two lovely tree decorations (a beaded heart and a wee fimo sculpture of gingerbread cookies in a tin) and a sun bear fundraising toy that I really want to keep for myself but will end up gifting to a niece. I also managed to get an advent calendar with pictures instead of chocolates. They’re on the third floor of Whitcoulls Lambton Quay right by the check out, but they didn’t have many left.

So, feeling virtuous for making a dent and getting feedback from people on facebook I went ahead and put up my Christmas tree this morning. You know me, I love this silly season. I want to make it last as long as I can.

Yesterday I baked more afghans and a gingerbread loaf. I had to substitute a lot of treacle for golden syrup because I ran out, so it tastes a little funny. It also got a bit burned, but it’s alright. Lee pronounced it “nice” against my expectations. I have some neat cookie cutters on order from a shop on Trade Me so I can get into the gingerbread cookie making for realz.

Yesterday I also made someone’s day, which was nice for me.

I’m really enjoying My Bonny Light Horseman which is the newest book in the Jacky Faber/Bloody Jack series. It’s the normal shape of disaster followed by disaster and Jacky getting into scrapes with handsome men. Plus I’m learning about the Napoleonic war. Well, kinda. Love it to bits.

I am almost done writing up my entry for the Kapcon Scenario Design contest, but I’m not very convinced it’s a winning level entry. I think it’s a good bit of fun and silliness but I think it will be outshone. Ah well, still good to enter and boost the numbers I guess.

I’ve had my 18 month review at work. That’s quite a long time. It went well.

PoF: pjs
CO: should Softimus Prime stay on top of the Christmas tree? I think yes.


2 thoughts on “Stuffsday

  1. yay for stuffs! What recipe did you use for gingerbreadloaf? I’ve got a National Radio One I really want to try. I love gingerbreadloaf.
    18month review is pretty good! Hopefully you get some sweet payrise action 🙂
    Also, good work on KSDC. Beau has written his, but needs to edit it before he can hand it in. Don’t know if that’s going to happen in time for this year.
    Now, I go see if there are X-mas tree photos on facebook!

  2. I like treacle in ginger stuff… would prob use it in pref to GS to give it that browner flavour!
    I’m not so embarrassed now that I am not the only one with an unseasonably early tree!

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