Short notes on writing

You have to take inspiration where you get it. If I’m fuelled by anger from a busy and frustrating day at work or jealousy because my friends are succeeding, well…at least I’m fuelled. They may not be pretty emotions, but they are motivating ones and I’m gonna use that.

(Seriously, so pleased for Matt and Debs and crossing fingers for both of them.)

I have been in a writing slump for sure, but I like the progress I’m making on re-drafting Kiki. I find myself thinking back to Stephen King’s formula for redrafting, learned from a rejection letter in his high school days: “Second draft equals first draft minus ten percent.” I think I’m getting there, although it is kind of strange to watch my word count go down it is also satisfying.

PoF: trackies
CO: tickets booked for Starlight Express in July next year!


3 thoughts on “Short notes on writing

  1. Thanks for the fingers crossing. Realistically, I doubt that there is much of a chance of it resulting in publication for either of us so I don’t think we’ll be providing much jealousy fuel in the near future.
    The second draft comment is probably very true but makes me cringe. We did a rush redrafting of my novel over the weekend and I tried to ruthlessly cut out about 10 000 words but then Matt also suggested adding some in other places so the total word count only went down by 1000. I will have to do a proper second draft between my next 2 rejection letters. 🙂
    Go you on the redrafting – sounds like your doing great work.

  2. Yay for fuel! Pam Corkery once used the phrase ‘grist for my angry mill’ in a reply to a letter I sent her, which was a nice image. I like the idea of the mind as a relentless crushing mill which eats whatever life throws at it and spits out literature, be it internal monologue, lyrics, prose, or social-attack-fashion. Very Henry Rollins.
    This is my third go at writing a novel, the second I’ve finished, and my fourth submission to a publisher. Here’s hoping it goes well!

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