Wednesday Writing

First thing is a wee plug for Don’t be a Rodney which is for people who believe that climate change is an issue worthy of our new government to address.

Basically it shows you how you can make a difference on one specific issue. Yay Morgue! You rock.
Squeeeeeee a new project arrived in the mail today! Well, the start of something anyway….which got me all enthused and excited and I wrote up something. I’m going to give it another look tomorrow and then get it posted….fun secret projects are fun. And secret.

I had a doctor’s appointment so I did some more Christmas shopping on the way home and….accidentally bought myself presents too. On the up side, they were all on sale so my Ghost Busters logo tshirt and Juno ‘Hamburger phone’ shirt and the ridiculously short and cute starry rara skirt only cost $25 all up. Plus my Juno shirt makes me feel really cool and I think that’s worth it. I did also manage a bit of Christmas shopping so I’m not all bad-no-willpower. Maybe I shall make January another buy nothing month….maybe.

I did the dishes and finished decorating my Christmas tree (still looks a little bare, need more decs!) and I have also managed some redrafting, editing the digital manuscript based on notes. I also luxuriated in the sunshine and finished another Stephen King short story. (“Home delivery” I’m still working through Nightmares and Dreamscapes, it’s a fantastic collection.)

More editing til dinner time and then I’ll watch some TV. I love summer, it doesn’t get properly dark til after 9 now and it’s warm outside.

Craft wise I’ve started working on a display folder for all the postcards Giffy’s been sending me. It seemed sad to put them away in a box, so I’m sewing the postcards into clear file inserts. My sewing machine likes to make the plastic pucker some but it’s doing the job. Problem is I have so many and they’re only two to a file so the wee ringbinder I bought last Wednesday filled up already. Today I got one of those super giant lever arch binders and I’m going to use that instead. My plan is to cover the binder with some nice fabric so it looks good and then have it on the bookshelf.

PoF: Juno, but without the belly
CO: One in ten.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Yeah, Nightmares and Dreamscapes is good.
    We already discussed Dolan’s Cadillac, and I agree with your like of End of the Whole Mess.
    I’m also a big fan of:
    + Sneakers: where the scary thing isn’t the ghost but this pervasive sense of homophobia.
    + The Ten O’Clock People: which is like a short story version of “They Live” with cigarettes rather than consumerism as the focus.
    + Head Down: A great piece of non-fiction writing about King’s son’s baseball team trying to make their way to the championship.

  2. oh, secret projects are mysterious and cool. Will there be a reveal in the future?
    Yay for all your redrafting 🙂
    I’m quite excited about the folder of things sent by me.

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