Things I Love Thursday

  • Gmail themes. I really like the desk one, with it�s mug stains and postcards and sometimes an apple. It makes me feel all retro, like I�m dealing with actual mail.
  • Speaking of which, another shout out to Giffy and her sending me actual mail! I have started a display folder by sewing the postcards into their own sections of clear file pockets. I am putting them in chronological order and the random ephemera like tickets and pamphlets in pockets so that they can be taken out and looked at. The sewing machine likes to bunch up the clear plastic but I don�t care. It�s still better than filing them away in a box somewhere and never looking at them.
  • New books. Through a series of happy accidents I am the proud owner of Tori Amos�s graphic novel Comic Book Tattoo. It�s a huge coffee table art book with stories in it. Like an album of Tori songs illustrated beautifully in full colour. In short, it�s neat. It�s pretty. It�s mine!
  • Gala Darling�s daily fortune for yesterday
  • Sharing the baking love. I made afghans with pebbles on top instead of walnuts and I think they were really nice. I sent a box of baking to my father in law and got a text of thanks. I give baking to my nearest seated workmates and they smile. My sister found my mother�s old gem iron. Ginger gems will be mine!

Honourable mentions: Inspiration, pots of paint, having a tenant in our rental property again (Sing! Dance!) , Lee, meeting Sok for lunch, basking in the sunshine, my Juno shirt, the pretty sparkly Christmas tree in the middle of my apartment, short pants, milky way bars from the fridge, moving forward with my writing.

Please share the things that you are thankful for today


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Being named for doing good stuff on peoples blogs makes me feel famous and appreciated 😉
    Also, Gems!! OMG retro baking 😉
    I’m loving the gmail “ninja” setting right now.

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